IAN M BAILEY to Release “You Paint the Picture” on October 28

On “You Paint The Pictures”, Ian M Bailey has once again teamed up with Scotland’s songsmith and Cosmic Rough Rider Daniel Wylie to deliver another 11 co-written tracks of beautifully melodic and well crafted songs. 

Recorded and produced at Ian’s home studio – “Small Space Studios” – in England, the album sits rich in melody and is interwoven with Ian’s trademark 12 string Rickenbacker, adding it’s unmistakable jangle to the blend of bass, drums, keys and harmonies all of which are provided by Ian whilst Alan Gregson adds string sections and pedal steel guitar to the albums musical tapestry. 

The album is musically inspired by such greats as The Byrds, The Doors, The Association, The Beatles, The Jayhawks, R.E.M., Santana, The Moody Blues and Gene Clark to name but a few of some of our greatest songwriting predecessors. 

“The influences are unashamedly worn on Bailey (and Wylie)’s sleeves, but this is so much more than a wallow in nostalgia.  Ideas are picked up and well and truly run with, lovingly, over any copycat facsimile exercise.  You like jangle?  You’ll love Ian M Bailey.” –

“Bailey’s 12 string Rickenbacker, rich melodies and harmonies will take you straight back to The Byrds and CSN.  If these are his most definitive influences on an album that sparkles and warms, Bailey has also clearly absorbed The Association’s lighter pop harmonies and the elegant vocals of America.  REM and The Jayhawks pop up but what Bailey does to perfection is to blend these various streams into a contemporary sound that radiates pure joy and abandon.” – 

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