AEW Fantasy Booking: MJF

MJF was one of the hottest heels in AEW, and then he was gone. The young wrestler, disgruntled with pay, cut an amazing promo asking Tony Khan to fire him so he can go to WWE. Since then, there’s been radio silence; he’s not mentioned on shows, in the intro, and was taken out of promotional materials. They aren’t selling his merchandise. Both AEW and MJF are selling the hell out of this. So what’s next?

Since he’s been out, the buildup to the Forbidden Door has ramped up. On this past Dynamite, Switchblade Jay White denied both Hangman Adam Page and Adam Cole the opportunity to fight him for the IWGP Heavyweight Title at the pay-per-view. One this week’s Dynamite, White should have a change of heart; he’ll announces a 3 way match for the title.

At the Forbidden Door, White retains his title over the 2 men. After the match, he announces he’ll be going back to Japan for a while and would like to appoint a leader for Bullet Club USA. Cole gets up to take the honor, but White says that he won’t be using someone that wants his title, plus he already has another person in mind.

Cue MJF’s music. MJF says he’s back, and he’s going to stick it to AEW. As the head of the US Bullet Club stable, he wants to give a voice to those who have been forgotten…to those who were left behind when the WWE rejects were brought in. Out comes the Butcher, the Blade, and Brian Cage. They beat down Cole and Page and throw up the Too Sweet before leaving with White.

On the following Dynamite, the first match is John Silver and Alex Reynolds vs the Ass Boys. It’s the standard match with the Ass Boys pulling out the victory. After the match, the rest of the Dark Order comes out to check on Silver and Reynolds. As they start to go back to the back, Silver and Reynolds turn on their teammates. They get on the mic and say they are tired of being buried on the roster; they were #1 contenders for the tag belts a year ago and now they jobbing on Dark. As the continue to beat down Evil Uno, they say “This is for Stu.” MJF’s music hits and he (along with Butcher/Blade/Cage presents them with Bullet Club shirts (with the scarf pattern incorporated). They throw up the Too Sweet and leave.

Over the next few weeks, MJF Bullet Club continue to disrupt shows. They target former WWE guys: Swerve in Our Glory, the Jericho Appreciation Society, House of Black, Christian Cage. And repeatedly Adam Cole. They even go as far as taking out Mark Henry as he does a Rampage main event interview. All the while MJF is cutting promos against C.M. Punk.

The Undisputed Elite gradually become their main targets; with the Young Bucks as EVPs, they will fill the role of management. Tony Khan should be off camera for all of this; AEW doesn’t need him as an authority figure character. You can even bring Kenny Omega in as another authority figure until he’s cleared to wrestle (if he’s not back at Forbidden Door).

After about a month, they have a 10-man tag match: MJF, the Butcher, the Blade, Silver, and Reynolds vs the Undisputed Elite (Cole, the Bucks, ReDragon). It’s a pretty even match until the Elite start to get the advantage. The Bucks hit the BTE Trigger on the Blade for the pin. Then Hangman’s music hits. All 10 men from the match are hesitant as Hangman walks to the ring. He takes the mic, and says…”This is what I was talking about before Double Or Nothing. I wanted to save AEW from C.M. Punk, and all the guys that followed him.” Hangman takes out Cole and Bullet Club attacks. MJF pulls out a Bullet Club shirt and Hangman throws up the Too Sweet.

Bullet Club becomes BAU for a while. When C.M. Punk comes back, he addresses MJF, but says his first priority is defending his belt against Jon Moxley. When the Championship Unification match happens, MJF comes out as the match is ending. Everyone expects he’ll interfere with the match, but he doesn’t. He just watches from the ramp. Punk defeats Moxley and retains the Championship. And then Bullet Club attacks from the crowd. They take out Punk and Moxley, and eventually the Blackpool Combat Club.

Over the weeks, Bullet Club messes with Punk. They don’t interfere with his matches, but just enough to irk him. Punk, along with FTR in his corner, throws it out there: MJF vs C.M. Punk for the World Title. He agrees, as long as Silver and Reynolds gets a chance at the ROH Tag Championship (or whatever belts they have at the time). At the next pay-per-view (depending on when Punk is back), both matches are made official.

FTR will retain their belts, but Punk drops the Championship to MJF…only to see Jay White to show up and demand a title shot. It’s a Bullet Club civil war; while it’s been done, it hasn’t been seen in the State with AEW wrestlers. This can be the main event at the next Forbidden Door.

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