The Nyrdcast Podcast 128: Their Adult Program

It would have been a long one this week, but this is actually part one of 2.  Matt and Jay talk AEW Revolution, the regular AEW shows, then look at a list of the best shows that have been on HBO.  They also hit on a few things they’ve watch, not titled The Batman; you’ll have to wait until part 2 for their thoughts on that movie.


Nyrdcast Podcast 177: Blame The Kid The Nyrdcast Podcast

  1. Nyrdcast Podcast 177: Blame The Kid
  2. Nyrdcast 176: Time To Pull The Plug
  3. Nyrdcast Podcast 175: Timelines
  4. Nyrdcast Podcast 174: I’m Back To The Bad Place
  5. The Nyrdcast Podcast 173: Sarcasm Overload with Madelyn

The beer was Excel Brewing’s Ryeday The 13th and 3 Floyds Brewing’s Zombie Dust.

The music is courtesy of Chief State; we used their track Team Wiped.  You can find them at:

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