2022 St. Louis Cardinals Prospect Tracker

The Cardinals have a solid farm system. It’s a been a few years since it’s been elite, but they steadily draft guys that are undervalued and use these guys to fill out the roster. They also have a few blue chip prospects right now; depending on the top 100 list, you will find 3-5 guys.

Each year, I track the rankings from multiple websites. I’m a little late this off-season, but baseball hasn’t been important since the lock out has started. I’m not saying I’m done with baseball, but I don’t like watching millionaires fight with billionaires over money when it’s pricing the everyday fan out of the game (which is a later post).

Here are the rankings from multiple sites, along with the averages, median, mode, high/low, and total rankings. This gives a good idea of where each prospect should fall. Each list title is abbreviated, but the full site name and a link to the list on the second tab. The numbers are as follow: median is the middle number of all rankings (typically close to the average); mode is the most frequent ranking; low is the best ranking; high is the worst ranking; count is how many lists the player appears on.

This will be updated as more lists become available.

Some notes on the rankings:

  • The Cardinal Nation has not completed their lists. They are writing up each player; most are behind the paywall, but I think every 5th one is free.
  • The past few years had Nolan Gorman as the consensus top prospect; this year he’s splitting the top spot with Jordan Walker.
  • 2021 draftees Joshua Baez and Michael McGreevy are pretty well split between the lists; some are close to 5-6, while others have them in the teens. This year will give a better idea of what the Cardinals have.
  • Most sites like Juan Yepez after his 2021 breakout, so it was surprising to see MLB have him down at 26th. He’ll be a factor this season for the Cardinals.
  • Razzball had Nick Plummer in their top 10, which was released prior to him being passed over for a 40-man spot and becoming a minor league free agent. The Mets got a steal there.
  • My own list is in progress. I’ll add it here once it’s released.

Have I missed a list? If so, list it in the comments.

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