Casper, WY Post-Emo Rockers getbent. Release New Single “S//R”

Casper, WY Post-Emo Rockers getbent. Release New Single “S//R”

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getbent. is a post-emo rock group based out of Casper, Wyoming, USA. Formed in 2017 by David Johnson and former member Kase Clark, getbent. consist of heavy-driven rhythms, melodic leads, and an influence of heavy alternative music.

As of 2021, getbent. consist of David Johnson (vocals), Brennan Sykes (guitar), Chris Henderson (guitar), Kegan Wass (drums), and Justice Greer (bass). getbent. independently released their debut EP. ‘Hang In There, Friend’ in 2019.

Johnson says, “The message within S//R is the constant battle of no longer being heard by the other due to your own mistakes. One’s own actions cause the consequences of one’s fate and the realization of the destruction of that relationship due to your mistake’s is the message behind S//R. The title ‘S//R’ means nothing, which represents what is felt after the constant and repetitive destruction of said toxic relationship.

“The meaning behind the video is the changing of emotions and feeling’s felt through a toxic relationship, represented by the changing of room scenes. As well as the conclusion and/or ending/liberation of the same relationship being represented by the live-action performance of the band.”

Director Calvin Martinez (Saturn Cinema) says of the video, “A cinematically, meaningful, anthem that calls for the next stage of getbent.’s evolution within their musical career.”

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