PC Bombcast Episode 219: A Love Letter to One Zane Lamprey

We are back!

And for this episode, Bombcast Jay and I sitting in studio and labeling this our first ever special “tribute” episode. 

That tribute, or spotlight is going to one Zane Lamprey. 

Zane is a lot of things. Host. Podcaster. Clothing entrepreneur. Rum creator. Compassionate animal rescuer along with his wife Mel. Comedian. Drinking ambassador to the world. And not too mention a big inspiration for us starting this podcast.  

So download and listen. Rate, follow, and share… also… cheers!

Jeremy B. 


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We are back! This time its just Bender and me talking stuff.  Like Sick. Last of Us and more.  Also the Topical 6 Pack.  So listen. Cheers! Jeremy B. 
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