Comic Review: Hellions #7

Hellions #7

Hellions #7
W: Zeb Wells
A: Stephen Segovia, David Curiel
P: Marvel Comcs, 12/02/2020

Previously in Hellions, the team went to Arrako to steal the swords of the X-Men competition. Mr. Sinister has an ulterior motive: taking samples of the Arrako mutants. When his plan faces some complications, he scrambles to get back and murders half of his team so they can’t report on what Sinister was doing.

This issue starts with the Hellions coming out of the resurrection protocols with limited memories of what happened; the do know something wasn’t right about their mission. They also learn that the 3 mutants killed on Arrako have come back different; Nanny and Wild Child have come back stronger and more “focused” while Orphan Maker is more powerful, which is a huge issue. Sinister avoids the details of what happens with both the Quiet Council and the team. Meanwhile, Havok petitions Emma Frost to be removed from the team; he doesn’t feel that he should be on this team of questionable personalities, even though he’s had quite a few mental issues since the series started.

The team ends up confronting Sinister about what happened, but Psylocke steps in; Psylocke is in his debt (see Fallen Angels) and makes the team toe the line. Sinister has a new mission; Orphan Maker will destroy the Earth is his powers aren’t contained by a new suit. The only way to get a new suit for him is to get Nanny’s ship, the Egg, back. The Egg is with a human organization and the team must retrieve it.

Once the team gets to the ship, they discover that Cameron Hodges currently has it.

Hellions has been the best of the Dawn of X wave 2, and this issue shows why. The team is very dysfunctional and untrusting, so you really don’t know what is going to happen. Having someone like Sinister pulling the strings just adds to the chaos.

Wells has taken this misfit team and started to develop personalities for the member. This is the best Psylocke since they split Betsy and Kwannon. Greycrow appears to be on the right side of things after his Marauder days, and his interactions with Empath are great.

Segovia’s art isn’t the cleanest, but it fits the style of the book. Mixed with Curiel’s colors, and you have a beautiful book to match the superior writing.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5. The new arc with Hodges should be entertaining and it’s always fun to see if you can figure out the true reason Sinister sends the team on these missions.

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