2019 MLB Draft Tracker

This is a little late, but here is the 2019 MLB Draft Tracker. Below you’ll find all of the picks in the first 10 rounds, along with any above slot pick from round 11 to 40. I’ll update this as often as possible until the July 12 deadline. Here is a quick rundown.

  • Each pick in Rounds 1-10 have an assigned slot value; it’s a recommendation from MLB on what that pick is worth. Players may sign for more or less than the slot value.
  • The draft pool for each team is the total slot value on all picks in the first 10 rounds.
  • Any pick in the 11th round or later can sign for up to $125,000; again, they can sign for more or less. Anything over $125k is included in the teams’s pool for spending.
  • Picks in Rounds 1-3 are protected, so if a player doesn’t sign, the team will receive a pick at that spot next year.
  • If a player in the first 10 rounds does not sign, the slot value for that pick is removed from the pool; it’s important to sign those picks to preserve their pool amount.
  • The deadline to sign picks is July 12, 4PM CST.

The first tab is the pool information; how much each team has spend, their pool amount, and their pool + 5% (the amount they can go over without losing future picks); anything over 0-5% is taxed 100% by MLB.

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