The 5 Best Podcasts You’ve Never Heard

My average day is spent jumping between conference calls and podcasts; I tend to have my headphones on any free chance I get. I have about 40 podcasts in my queue and listen to the ones that seem interested. Besides the standard nerd stuff – Smodcast, Nerdist, Beerist, etc – I have some smaller podcasts that deserve some new listeners. Here are 5 or so podcasts that I recommend.

The Something Something Cast/Deadpan Fury – These 2 are part of the IJOV Network, which includes my old podcast and will have my new one. These 2 podcasts are pretty different. The Something Something Cast are James and Podcast Rob, and they typically have a theme for each episode. They also enjoy featuring friends from other podcasts. Deadpan Fury is Marcus, and he likes to curse. He’ll rant about anything on his mind and have some really good interviews. Check both out.
Find them: The Inside Joke Outside Voice Podcast Network – Both are here with a few other good podcasts.
Released: The SSC release bi-weekly, and have a patreon program where they have special episodes on the off week. DPF is random right now.

ComixBrew – A show that combines 2 of my favorite things? Yes, please. The ComixBrew guys have a pretty standard formula – introductions/what they are drinking, news, reviews, rotating final segment. They are funny and continually rip on each other. They are part of a bigger podcast network, but none of the other shows have appealed to me.
Find them: ComixBrew
Released: Weekly for the regular show; they will also feature a second show most weeks where they do a reading.

St. Brewis: BrewsRoom and Beering Impared – Beering Impared was the first podcast from Saint Brewis, a STL beer news/review site. The hosts will either review beer or interview brewers (both profession and home brewers). It’s informative and entertaining; I’ve searched out beers they’ve reviewed. The Brews Room is newer, but it was also an older podcast that was recently brought back. The guys involved are all part of the local beer scene (bar owners, brewers, etc) and have a more relaxed approach of the 2 shows. They can get blue, but nothing too over the top.
Find them: Saint Brewis – podcasts are listed at the top of the page.
Released: Weekly for both shows.

Star Wars New Canon Book Club – I listen to a few of the bigger Star Wars podcasts, but this might be my favorite. They typically record shows after they finish the latest Star Wars book and give honest, spoiler filled reviews. They don’t hold back when they don’t enjoy something. They have also done episodes on seasons of the Clone Wars and are supposed to do Rebels at some point.
Find them: Soundcloud
Released: Whenever they finish a book.

The Morning After – This might be cheating, but TMA is a St. Louis based radio program that syndicates on a podcast. Since I can’t listen live, I can download the show and listen in. They are the morning show on an AM Sports Talk station; the thing is they don’t just do sports. It’s more of a comedy show than a sports show; while they talk sports, there’s a lot of random topics, from adult actresses to local issues. It’s funny, but the issue for new listeners are the inside jokes. If you can get past that and sexual harassment of an older sports anchor, you’ll love it.
Find them: Inside STL
Released: Daily, they have their 3 hour show broken into 3 episodes per day.

Honorable Mention: Secret Skin – Hip hop artist Open Mike Eagle would talk with underground hip hop artists, comedians, and other performers. OME opened my eyes to a lot of new music when he was podcasting; unfortunately, the show is on a long hiatus. It’s worth checking out some old episodes.
Find them: Secret Skin
Released: Not an active podcast.

What are some others I missed? Want to pimp your own podcast? Give me your podcast picks in the comments. Also, watch for the Pop Culture Abstract Podcast starting up in a few weeks.

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