The Nyrdcast Podcast Episode 25.0: The Ham Wallet

The fellas (and Lori) are back for episode 25.0.  They start by finishing their 2015 wrap up by looking at the top movies of the year.

They then discuss the documentary series Making a Murderer, which leads into which crimes the guys would be able to commit.

The topic shifts to the DC TV Universe, where they talk about Flash, Supergirl, etc.  There is also talk of other TV, including Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, and X-Files among others.

Continuing with the small screen, the guys review some recent movie rentals and other Netflix viewing.  In the middle of it, the guys discuss Nirvana’s impact on music because of some of the Kurt Cobain documentaries.

The episode is finished with discussion of Rams leaving St. Louis.

The unofficial beer sponsor is Goose Island’s Matilda.

Music was provided by Short Story; we used their track Don’t Flatter Yourself.  You can find him at Band Camp, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

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