The Nyrdcast Podcast Episode 22: Dillon, You Son of a…

The guys are joined by Matt’s wife Jen, Steve’s girlfriend Lori, and her friend Ashley.

Toner starts out rehashing what happened after the last recording session, but it quickly escalated to the normal debauchery.

We move to Stone Temple Pilots and talk about Scott Weiland’s recent passing. We educate Matt on their songs, since he only remembered Interstate Love Song. The discussion shifts to the best concerts we’ve attended.

Rounding out music is guilty pleasure musicians (and just for the record, Toner is a closet Justin Bieber fan). We stick guilty pleasures and shift to movies. There are a lot of chick flicks mentioned. We talk about movie remakes since Memento is the newest one added to the pre-production list; we talk about both those that shouldn’t be remade and those that should.

The unofficial beer sponsor was Red Hook; the specific beer mentioned was the Long Hammer IPA.

The music was supplied by One Who May Ascend; his track Humble Beginnings is at the end of the episode. You can find him on his website, Facebook, Instagram, Reverb Nation, SoundCloud, Twitter, and YouTube.

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From the podcast:
Matt’s Hand:

Predator Video:

Dillon! (from Predator)

Joe Dust and Jen reenact the Dillon scene:

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