Captain America: Civil War Trailer Released

This is the one MCU fans are waiting for…Captain America: Civil War. This will be the start of Phase 3 for the MCU and the trailer was just released on YouTube Tuesday.

The Civil War Begins – 1st Trailer for Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War”

What do we notice?

  • We get the first glimpse of Black Panther. It’s hard to get a really good look at him, so his costume looked a little funky. I’m excited to see him in action.
  • No appearance by Spider-Man or Ant-Man. We know both appear in the film. I hope Spidey doesn’t show up in previews so we can be surprised in the movie.
  • There is speculation on what side Scarlet Witch is on, and they show her on Cap’s side. He’s also got Bucky, Hawkeye, and Falcon. Iron Man’s side only shows War Machine, although we can tell Black Widow is with him based off what she says. Granted, anyone that’s seen spoilers knows who is on what side already.
  • Cap and Bucky vs Iron Man looks amazing.
  • There has also been speculation on what starts the divide. It was suggested that they kind of follow the comic and use an explosion that kills innocents. Based of this preview, I have a new thought. Bucky is wanted for his crimes and Cap won’t give him up; it leads to Iron Man and his guys trying to bring him in. It’s a fresh angle and could make for a good story.

What did I miss? Comment below and let me know what your theories are.

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