Link Roundup: GI Joe, Spider-Man, Beer Questions, and Jurassic World

Today we look at Channing Tatum’s thoughts on GI Joe, the new Spider-Man, answer a few beer questions, and take a unique look at Jurassic World.

Channing Tatum is with you
If you are part of the general public didn’t like the GI Joe Movie, you’ll be happy to know that Channing Tatum didn’t either. He revealed recently that he was forced into the role by Paramount, with whom he signed a 3-picture deal prior to the movie.

I’ll be honest – I would have like the movie if it didn’t have the GI Joe name on it. The characterization was off for everyone involved; if they were fresh characters, I don’t think people would have minded.

Paramount has missed a great opportunity with the series. They should have made Cobra more like an Al Queda/ISIS type threat and create the GI Joes as a leadership core with rotating task force to deal with them. The core team would be the big names: Duke, Snake Eyes, Scarlet, Road Block, and Stalker. The rotating members depend on the situation. Cobra attacks at sea? They bring in Shipwreck. The Joes find a Cobra base in the desert? Dusty joins the team. There is also a whole supporting crew they could use too. Doc, Wild Bill, and Breaker could have their secondary roles with the team.

I’ll be watching for an email from Paramount after they read this.

Deja Vu: The New Spider-Man
Marvel and Sony announced that Tom Holland will be the new Spider-Man; we’ve also learned that he screen tested with Robert Downey Jr and Chris Evans. So what can we expect?

Based off the screen test, he’s going to be in Captain America: Civil War; there is no other reason to have him read lines with those 2 actors, who will be the main people in the film. Some are speculating that Spider-Man will only make a cameo; I think it might be more than that though. Just my gut feeling.

I’ve never seen Holland in a movie, so I don’t know what to expect. I had seen both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire before their takes on the character, but I trust Marvel in their casting. Chris Hemsworth was relatively unknown when he was cast as Thor. Chris Evans seemed like an odd choice for Captain America, but he’s been perfect in the role. Marvel has a good track record.

Answering Beer Questions
I’ve had friends ask me beer questions recently, specifically about glassware. One of the biggest questions I get is why I don’t use frozen glasses. Craft Beer addresses questions about temperature; the third item notes that frozen glasses pick up tastes from the freezers they are kept in, cause foaming issues, and can freeze taste buds and dull the taste. I have 4 pint glasses I normally use and have started avoid frozen mugs. I even ask at restaurants and bars when ordering.

Another topic is which glass to use. Beer Advocate, a good beer resource, breaks down what glass goes with what style. My go to is a pint glass, but I also have mugs, pilsner glasses, snifters, and weizen glasses available in my house. Unlike the frozen glass, I’m not a huge snob on glassware.

Check out Beer Advocates other beginner articles on pouring and tasting.

Jurassic What?
Jurassic World has been everywhere for the last few weeks..breaking box office records, having toys pushed down consumer’s throats, etc. All of the reviews have said it’s good, and Toner was pushing it on our Twitter feed. I want to see it, so I’m not down on all the news and promotion.

This link adds to the appeal of Jurassic World. I’m not usually one to push cat photos, but some of these were pretty funny.

Song of the Day
St. Louis might be known for producing Nelly, but there are a few other good music groups in the area. One that I’ll be seeing in August (opening for Taking Back Sunday) is Greek Fire. Members of the band comes from Story of the Year and Maybe Today. Their biggest single has been “Top of the World”, which was featured in a Big Hero 6 preview. Here is the track:

Self Promotion
I’ve updated my beer list based off my recent trip to Colorado; I’ll have some reviews and a look at the Avery Brewery in the near future. I’ve also updated the Cardinal Draft Tracker; it looks like the could save enough on college players to sign most of their high school kids. Lastly, Toner dishes on his man-crush of Tupac Shakur.

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