Budweiser Changing Labels for the Holidays

Monday, Anheuser-Busch announced that they were introducing classic labels for the holiday season, along with limited-edition wooden crates. The labels and crates are part of Budweiser‘s holiday promotion “Friendsgiving”.

The labels will be those used in 1918, 1933, and 1976 and each represents an important occasion in the breweries history. 1918 was the last year of production before Prohibition. 1933 was the first year after Prohibition. 1976 was the 100th anniversary of the Budweiser brand. The labels will be featured on Budweiser 12, 19 and 24 packs of bottles.

The wood crates will start being sold this week; each features an 18 pack of Budweiser with the vintage lables and 2 pilsner glasses. The handmade crates will be limited to a run of 10,000. Anheuser-Busch is encouraging those that purchase the crates to share images of holiday parties via social media with the hashtag of #HolidayBuds.

The bottles and crates might be in demand with beer memorabilia collectors; the limited run on the crates make them particularly intriguing.

Anheuser-Busch also started running a new TV spot for “Friendsgiving” which showed people answering about which friends they’d grab a Bud with. People are encouraged to film their own spots; 2 lucky winners will get those reunions courtesy of AB and have the event filmed for a follow advertisement in December.

Budweiser is also pushing the promotion to partners. Kevin Harvick, driver of the Budweiser Chevrolet on the NASCAR circuit, will have his car painted to match the vintage packaging of the beer for this weekend’s race.

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