BIG B Reignites Music Career With ‘Wellness Check,’ His First Album in 10 Years


Big B Reignites his Music Career with ‘Wellness Check’ His First Album in 10 Years Featuring Killer Mike, G. Love, Common Kings, and More

The Lead Single “Side Car” ft. G. Love & Peachole is Out Today 

Listen to “Sidecar” HERE

Watch Lyric Video HERE

Marking an end to a decade-long hiatus of full-length album releases under the Big B moniker, Bryan Mahoney reemerges with the release of Wellness Checkset to release in July via Regime Music Group.

The new album echos the signature hip-hop, punk, and “street culture nursery” rhymes Big B fans have come to embrace while cultivating deeper musical and lyrical sensibilities that expose a new lease on life, embracing deep-seated passions outside of music, and fostering a ride-or-die network of friends, collaborators, and confidants that include legendary motocross competitor Carey Hart, 4x GRAMMY-Award-Winning hip-hop artist Killer Mike, and the production duo TAVALANE comprised of Johnny Baldaray and Jared Palazzolo who served as Mahoney’s backing band and collaborators for over 15 years.

The triumphant return is catalyzed by the release of the buoyant lead single “Sidecar,” featuring  “hip-hop blues” pioneer G. Love and rising Las Vegas-based rock vocalist Peachole. Watch the lyric video HERE.

Big B - "Sidecar" (feat. G. Love & Peachole) [Official Lyric Video]

Mahoney’s hiatus from the Big B epithet was anything but stagnant. Since 2016, he has joined forces with Hart, who he considers his best friend, embarking on a series of ventures from bespoke Indian Motorcycle builds to supporting Hart’s 501(c)(3) charity Good Ride and Las Vegas-based tattoo shop H&H Tattoos, and even appeared on early episodes of Inked. This period also saw Mahoney fulfilling musical expression through the launch of  his Americana-inspired outlaw country group The Felons Club.


While he entertained thoughts of someday recording a few new Big B songs, his mind quickly redirected back towards building bikes with Hart and promoting the brands. After discussions with TAVALANE (Baldaray and Palazzolo), they decided to escape into the serenity of Joshua Tree, California for an undistributed week of setting up a mobile studio with no expectations other than enjoying the camaraderie and cultivating a small collection on songs that resonated with classic Big B sound.

In just over a week, they crafted eight songs brimming with an eclectic, reinvigorated sonic essence sparking Mahoney’s realization that Big B has more stories to tell and more life to share through music.

Once Mahoney, Baldaray, and Palazzolo set the goal to release a full-length album, he decided 

Wellness Check was the perfect descriptor for his musical renewal after a decade-long hiatus from Big B albums. Adding on a layer of double entendre, in 2021 Mahoney had to go under the knife for a heart valve replacement surgery forcing him to face mortality head-on prompting a deeper introspection about his health and preciousness of time.

This experience is akin to the literal concept of a wellness check where officials check in on the welfare and safety of an individual’s well-being. With Wellness Check, he reassures fans, friends, and family alike that he has conquered life’s trials and is more resilient than ever with fresh material mirroring this evolution. 

“‘Wellness Check’ is essentially a loud shout that ‘I AM OK’ to the world that  knows me as a recording artist,” proclaims Mahoney, “And for those who wrote me off, I am here again to say a few things and celebrate where I am now.”

Wellness Check was created in a moment of time surrounded by organic inspiration—not only does it serve as a multi-dimensional narrative about Mahoney’s current station in life, but it’s an intentionally crafted hodgepodge of musical styles dipping into realms of hip-hop, punk, acoustic songwriting, ska, and harkens to a signature SoCal sound that simultaneously evokes a sense of ease, nostalgia, and forward motion. 

Big B

“Sidecar” encapsulates Mahoney’s renewed spirit as Big B with its lighthearted ode to vintage reggae-pop tracks. The track is an anthem for embracing the boundless journey of life and extends the invitation to like-minded souls to partake in joy and fulfillment.

College radio standout G. Love laces the track with his signature style of bluesy, spoken word steeze lending  his charisma on the second verse. Mahoney’s daughter, Peachole, a budding Las Vegas-based vocalist, shines on the energetically breezy hook and further cements Mahoney’s new lease on life, legacy, and family bonds.

Not only does Johnny Baldaray contribute his performance and production skills on the track, but he created the single artwork and shot the lyric video placing further emphasis on the creative tour de force trio that Tavalane bestows.

Wellness Check is amplified by additional guest appearances from 4x GRAMMY-Award-Winning hip-hop artist Killer Mike, Orange County-based reggae-pop mainstays Common Kings, California ska royalty Jesse Wagner of The Aggrolites & Kip Wirtzfeld of The Debonaires,  session guitarist Justin Derrico (Pink, Beyonce, Robin Thicke), and more.

As Mahoney steps into a new chapter reprising his role as Big B, Wellness Check is poised to resonate with listeners across the globe offering solace in overcoming struggles, embracing life’s pivots, fearlessly pursuing passions, and instilling trust in your network of family, friends, and collaborators.

“A lot has happened in my life since the last Big B album,” Mahoney affirms, “10 years filled with  some good, some bad….and many experiences that were unplanned. I am at a place in my life  where I am appreciative of it all and now embracing the experiences and lessons that have made me who I am today.”

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