The 2017 St. Louis Cardinals Preview Book Now Available

April 2nd is fast approaching, and with that, we’ll hopefully have 7 months of baseball ahead of us. To help get ready, I’ve completed a 2017 season preview book; it’s 175 pages of analysis, scouting reports, and articles.

It’ll get you ready for the season, but it’ll also give you information throughout the season. With the player profiles, you’ll get information on every player in the system; so if a prospect gets promoted, you can look at the scouting reports in the book to learn about the player.

There are 3 ways to get the book; you can email us and we’ll reply with a PDF of it, you can leave a comment below and we’ll send the PDF to the email you used, or you can find it on Amazon Kindle (which will cost you $2.99).

If you enjoy the book or feel compelled to help the site, you can donate to the site; it helps maintain the site and podcast, allows us to upgrade equipment, and helps pay for research material. You can donate here:

If you don’t want to donate, then at least leave a review of the book on Amazon (at the link above).

6 thoughts on “The 2017 St. Louis Cardinals Preview Book Now Available

  • I like this. Can’t wait to read it.

    • Eugene Tierney

      Sent. Enjoy.

  • Edward Ford

    I am very interested in reviewing this Cardinals publication. thanks

    • Eugene Tierney

      Sent. Enjoy it.

  • Jay Gauthreaux

    Mouth is watering in anticipation of reading this book.

    • Eugene Tierney

      The book has been sent; I hope you enjoy it.

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