NONTHEWISER’s Self Titled Debut Out February 3


NONTHEWISER’s Self Titled Debut Out February 3

NONTHEWISER’s self titled debut album is the perfect mix of speed, hooks, anger and angst.

While you can easily spot the bands inspirations, you also find a unique taste of its nordic roots. This is punk rock like they did it in the glory days without ever being worn out or tired.

Songs about everything between heaven and hell and this mad world and so called life.

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Nonthewiser - "Hang us high" (Music video)
“Hang us high” music video

NONTHEWISER’s sound stands strong with one foot in the Californian punk rock scene, and the other in Scandinavian roots. The band started a few years ago as a fun project among friends but got serious in 2021 when they started doing shows and recording their debut album. Combined, the members share decades of live experience from past in the punk, metal and rock scene.

NONTHEWISER is fast, fierce and melodic punk rock about the darker sides of life, for the nostalgic listener in a world gone completely mad.

First single “Daytime” was released 14th of June 2022.

Second single “Hang us high” was released on November 18th 2022, accompanied by a music video. “The lonely man” is the third and final single from the upcoming debut album, set for digital release in February 3 2023.

Nonthewiser is:
N. Bergstrand – Vocals
J. Andersson – Guitars
T. Edberg – Guitars
A. Gilderstam – Bass
A. Johansson – Drums

Nonthewiser – Nonthewiser
Release date: February 3rd 2023
Formats: Digital release
Genre: Punk rock
Label: None


  1. Without god
  2. Daytime
  3. Perplexed
  4. Grind down hope
  5. Hang us high
  6. The good of man
  7. Reverie
  8. The lonely man
  9. The Return
  10. Poison words
  11. Follow the black home
  12. Compassion is nothing
  13. Toxic jehovah
  14. Muddy waters
  15. No cure

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