NYC’s WYLDLIFE Release New Single “Fast Dreams”


NYC’s WYLDLIFE release new single and animated video “Fast Dreams” (b/w “You Don’t Know How It Feels”)

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“With a unique blend of classic punk, glam, and power-pop, New York’s WYLDLIFE are just good, old-fashioned, fun rock ‘n’ roll. It’s hard not to feel a sense of nostalgia in their music, even if it’s a nostalgia for a time you’ve never been to.”- New Noise Magazine

NYC punk/rock ‘n’ roll 4-piece WYLDLIFE has dropped a new single “Fast Dreams” (the b-side is a spirited cover of Tom Petty’s “You Don’t Know How It Feels”).

The tracks mark the band’s first output since 2020’s ‘Year Of The Snake.’

Stream the new single ‘Fast Dreams’ (b/w “You Don’t Know How It Feels” here:

Watch the “Fast Dreams” video here:

WYLDLIFE - Fast Dreams (Official Video)

The animated video for “Fast Dreams” transports the band into an 8-bit arcade game world.


“We have already conquered every other music video format in our tenure as musicians,” says vocalist Dave Feldman“So it was time to go animated. We’re already animated guys by nature.”

The band enlisted their college friend Alex Derwick to create the three minute visual masterpiece that is “Fast Dreams.”

“Surface level, the song is about partying just before bed time. But more-so, it’s a point of advice to keep dreaming, whether you want to better your life, travel to space, or just be a mid-30s semi-secret rock icon,” adds Feldman.

Stuffed with catchy riffs and choruses, charmingly specific lyrics, and a palpable love of ’70s punk, glam, and power pop, Wyldlife delivers an energetic and nostalgic sound that’s impossible to resist.


  • Dave Feldman — vocals
  • Sam Allen — guitar
  • Spencer Alexander — bass
  • Russ Barrnett — drums

What others have said about WYLDLIFE:
“During their live shows, frontman Dave Feldman can transform from having a preening ’70s Mick Jagger vibe to the beer-soaked, primal intensity of Iggy Pop in an instant.”- Inked Magazine

Photo: Adrien De Martini

“…the New York foursome has delivered its best and most stylistically varied album yet.”- Faster and Louder

“With an irrepressible fusion of punk, garage and power-pop, Wyldlife’s fourth full-length album, and arguably its best, explodes with its nods to rock ‘n’ roll icons from the Stone Roses to the New York Dolls to the Rolling Stones, along with a few tracks that might surprise even long-time fans.”- Jersey Journal/

“Swaggering rhythms, infectious choruses, and lyrics that are instantly memorable. Wyldlife imagines a more focused Paul Westerberg creating a bomping bit of hard-edged but radio-ready pop.”- PopMatters

“High-octane rock with just the right blend of snottiness …meant to be played very incredibly loud. Kind of plays like a stadium-filling evolution of nerdy punk a la Cheap Trick.”- A Journal Of Musical Things

“…Wyldlife would’ve easily fit in alongside bands such as The Strokes, Jet, or The Hives, just as much as they would have found their place on the CBGB’s stage in the 1970’s.”- All Ages Zine

“Highly essential rock ‘n’ roll…”- RPM Online

“You know what I never get tired of?….loud guitars, catchy melodies, leather jackets and bands that sneer at the camera. WYLDLIFE brings the ruckus! – Andy Shernoff (Dictators)

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