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Making a momentous return, acclaimed Strange Music artist Jehry Robinson is back with a new single and music video entitled “Pilot” out today. Listen

Jehry Robinson

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On the track, nimbly plucked guitar gives way to a head-nodding beat kickstarted by simmering cymbals. Jehry alternates between hummable melodies and airtight rhymes on the verses. However, his vocals really take flight on the chantable chorus, “I think we’re going down, so I went to see the pilot cause I been getting tired, let’s turn this plane around. In the accompanying visual, Jehry assumes the multiple roles of passengers on a commercial flight, breaking through the turbulence as our hero confronts the man at the wheel (who just so happens to be him).

About “Pilot,” he commented, “It’s about being the pilot of your own life and you can always turn it around. You’re in control to follow your destiny.” That’s exactly what he’s doing…

Jehry Robinson - Pilot | Official Music Video

It notably arrives on the heels of his 2023 album, Drink More Water. The latter has already amassed over 2 million streams and counting. Meanwhile, it earned widespread critical acclaim. 

Underground Hip Hop Blog applauded, “He’s definitely shown some growth, going on to paise how he’s “continuing to push his artistic range forward.” Folk N Rock raved, “Every note in Drink More Water tells a story, making Jehry not just an artist, but a masterful storyteller.” Dancing About Architecture proclaimed, “Drink More Water, come for the impressive and deft rapping and stay for the breadth of creativity and musicality. 

Meanwhile, he’s captivated audiences on the road alongside everyone from chart-dominating superstar Jelly Roll to Rittz.

Everything just sets the stage for more from Jehry Robinson in 2024!

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