This Week On DC Universe Infinite Ultra: 04/18/2024


2 weeks of books from DC Universe Infinite after missing last week

OK – I’m a week plus late, but real world gets in the way of writing articles sometimes. This week, I present the new books on DC Universe Infinite Ultra along with last week’s books and review from the last 2 weeks. Twice the Batman, twice the Justice League, twice the trades.

This Week on DC Universe Infinite Ultra: Batman/Dylan Dog #1

Books released April 9th:


Batman and Robin kind of start a new arc, while still dealing with Shush and Man-Bat…Batman/Dylan Dog is a collaboration between DC and Dark Horse…Outsiders continues to be more of an anthology book…SS: Dream Team is setting up the next event, coming out of Titans: Beast War…

This Week on DC Universe Infinite Ultra: Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6

Books release April 16th:

  • Batman ’89: Echoes #2 (03/19/2024)
  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #25 (03/19/2024)
  • Catwoman #63 (03/19/2024)
  • Green Lantern: War Journal #7 (03/19/2024)
  • Harley Quinn Vol. 5: Who Killed Harley Quinn (03/19/2024)*
  • John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead In America #3 (03/19/2024)
  • Justice League vs. Godzilla vs. Kong #6 (03/19/2024)
  • Justice League: The New 52 Book One (03/19/2024)*
  • Justice Society of America #9 (03/19/2024)
  • Knight Terrors (02/06/2024)*
  • Nightwing #112 (03/19/2024)
  • Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow (03/19/2024)*
  • Superman #12 (03/19/2024)
  • Superman vs. Meshi #21 (04/16/2024)**
  • Titans #9 (03/19/2024)
  • Wonder Woman #7 (03/19/2024)


Batman ’89 shows us their version of Harley Quinn…World’s Finest starts the new, post-Kingdom Come arc…GL: War Journal starts a new arc for John Stewart…Superman 12 concludes the second Dawn of DC arc…

And now a bunch of reviews from the last 2 weeks:

  • Batman #145: At the rate Chip Zdarsky is going, this run will be there with Scott Snyder’s run as best runs in recent memory. Batman and the Joker are prisoners of the Failsafe/Zur-En-Arrh combination and Batman is trying everything to get out and stop his robot subconscious. This is easily my book of the week and will continue to be bought physically; Grade A.
  • Batman And Robin #7: Batman and Robin continue to search for Shush and how she fits into Robin’s past. While Batman is a superior book, this one does an amazing job of building the relationship between Bruce and Damian, which the book does touch on this week. Part of me is kicking myself for not getting physical copies of this book as well. Grade B+.
  • Batman/Dylan Dog #1: I will start off by saying I know nothing of Dylan Dog, but I am now intrigued (post recommendations of where to start in the comments). They set up Dog’s nemesis as the doctor that fixes the Joker up after the chemical accident, which builds a natural team up for the bad guys. It’s a set up issue, but I’m here for the rest of it. Grade B.
  • Bat-Man: First Knight #1: A vintage, pulp-style tale of the early Bat-Man from the Black Label. Set between World Wars, we get the dark and gritty Gotham with a more ground-based, mobster criminal bad guys. But there have been a string of murders by dead criminals. It’s setting up a good mystery story set outside of normal continuity. Grade B-.
  • Birds of Prey #7: After getting Sin out of Themyscira, the updated Birds team is trying to solve a conspiracy to take the team down. It’s a quick read, but doesn’t do much storywise. I’m hoping the second issue of the arc gets better, because the first arc was really good. Grade C.
  • Outsiders #5: Another stand alone issue, dealing with vampires and monsters. It sounds like it’s setting up a bigger story, but each issue feels like there is no stakes; maybe I’m used to the current trade paperback story format and anthology stories just don’t have the impact they used to. I’m going to stick with this for now, but it could be on the chopping block if the stories don’t get more interesting. Grade D.
  • Red Hood: The Hill #2: Most of the vigilantes of the Hill are ready to get back to normal life, but there is still some work to be done. Most of the cast is forgettable in the book, but they are pulling in Killer Croc, so that could pick up the pace a little. Jason Todd is not my favorite of the Bat-family, but he’s getting a solid arc after Gotham War. Grade C.

I wanted to read SS: Dream Team, but I need to read Titans: Beast War first (reading order will be available in the next couple of days). I’ll hopefully be back on schedule next week.

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