This Week On DC Universe Infinite Ultra: 04/02/2024


This Week on DC Universe Infinite gives us day and date Suicide Squad and new and old Batman.

DC continues to drop Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum on the floppy release date. Batman, Birds of Prey, and Blue Beetle all start new arcs. And Batman gets a reprint of his first appearance. Check out DC Universe Infinite here.

This Week on DC Universe Infinite: The Bat-Man: First Knight
  • Batman #145 (03/05/2024)
  • Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #3 (03/05/2024)
  • Bat-Man: First Knight #1 (03/05/2024)
  • Birds of Prey #7 (03/05/2024)
  • Blue Beetle #7 (03/05/2024) – English and Spanish Editions
  • Detective Comics #27 – Batman 85th Edition (03/26/2024)
  • Kneel Before Zod #3 (03/05/2024)
  • Poison Ivy #20 (03/05/2024)
  • Shazam! #9 (03/05/2024)
  • Suicide Squad: Kill Arkham Asylum #3 (04/02/2024)
  • Superman ’78: The Metal Curtain #5 (03/05/2024)

Batman is trapped in a prison with the Joker in the newest arc. Bat-Man: First Knight is a black label tale set in the 1930s. Birds of Prey search for Barbara Gordon in their new arc while Blue Beetle Jaime teaming with Booster Gold in his book. Detective Comics reprints the first appearance of Batman. Poison Ivy continues her secret origin story. The Captain takes on the Creeper in Shazam.

One Manga book this week:

  • Superman vs Meshi #20 (04/02/2024)

It’s also a big trade week:

Green Arrow is the first trade from the Dawn of DC relaunch, as is the Action Comic trade.

Finally, a couple of quick reviews from last week.

  • Batman: The Brave And The Bold #10: The Brave and the Bold has been a fun anthology series; typically the main Batman story is top notch, which is the case again. We’re starting a Man-Bat arc tied to Gotham Academy. The Artemis story was just ok; Amazon stories have never really been my thing. The Nameless story was really well done; it’s something I hope they work from in the future. Lois Lane’s story. The Cheeseburger closes out the book and it’s an amazing story; the black and white anime style tale fit well with the Clayface story. Grade: B+.
  • Detective Comics #1082: This is the first Ram V Detective Story I’ve read; I probably need to go back and read the previous arc to fully understand what’s going on. It’s a little confusing without the knowledge, since Batman is wandering the afterlife. At the same time, the people of Gotham are forgetting him while he’s gone and the Question (the Renee Montoya version it appears) is trying to find out why and fill the void. The backup story features people wronged by Dr. Hurt, who shows up in the main story, as they try to get their revenge on him. Grade: B.
  • Green Arrow #9: Oliver is on the hunt to find a missing Roy Harper and everything points to Amanda Waller. Waller recently acquired the Hall of Justice and all of the contents; Oliver breaks in to confront her. To get Roy back, Oliver might have to work with Waller to find his boy. It’s a great follow up arc to a superb debut in the Dawn of DC. Grade: B+.
  • Jay Garrick: The Flash #5: These legacy hero books have been interesting. The Jay Garrick book especially so, as he had a daughter missing in time that was completely forgotten about. It’s a fish out of water story for Judy while Jay is dealing with a teenage daughter while he’s in his later years. It’s a fun book. Grade: A-.

I’m going to be getting caught up on Flash and Catwoman soon, while I also want to check out the current Harley Quinn run and see what the Alan Scott book is like.

I’ll be back later this week with a new comic book reading order.

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