This Week On Marvel Unlimited: 03/10/2024


A smaller week on This Week On Marvel Unlimited with 2 reviews

A smaller week on the app; dropping half of Gang War 2 weeks ago cuts into the amount of books they’ll be releasing on the app for the next few week.

This Week On Marvel Unlimited: Daredevil 4
  • Alpha Flight #5 (12/06/2023)
  • Avengers, The #8 (12/06/2023)
  • Daredevil #4 (12/06/2023)
  • Fantastic Four #14 (12/06/2023)
  • Invincible Iron Man #13 (12/06/2023)
  • Star Wars: Dark Droids – D-Squad #4 (12/06/2023)
  • Venom #28 (12/06/2023)
  • X-Men #29 (12/06/2023)

Alpha Flight is the final issue of the mini-series which ties into the Fall of X event starting up. Daredevil brings back Bullseye. And Star Wars: Dark Droids – D-Squad is the final issue of the mini-series; I’ll be throwing together a reading order for Dark Droids soon.

Here are the Infinity Comics for the last week.

  • Avengers United Infinity Comic #22 (03/07/2024)
  • It’s Jeff Infinity Comic #33 (03/08/2024)
  • Marvel’s Voices Infinity Comic #93 (03/06/2024)
  • Spider-Man Unlimited Infinity Comic #27 (03/05/2024)
  • X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #130 (03/11/2024)

No older comics were added in the last week.

I was able to read a few of last week’s books:

  • Captain America #3: JMS is a good writer and I was looking forward to his take on Cap. The series flips between Cap’s youth prior to the super soldier serum and the current 616 timeline. Basically, a supernatural villain, Asmoday, is looking to take out nexus points, where pure good triumphs over evil – people like Gandhi, MLK Jr, Mother Theresa, etc. If those good nexus points are taken out, evil can take over. It’s been established that young Cap is one of those nexus points. It’s an interesting story that uses time-travel well; you have panels in both timelines at the same time and it’s not confusing, something comics can sometimes struggle with. Solid B.
  • Predator vs Wolverine #3: A dash of Prey mixed with some X-Men; what’s not to like? The Predator in question has not liked getting bested by Wolverine in the past; this time it’s during a Team X mission. It’s a fun, low stakes story that touches on various points in Wolverine’s history. It also all leads up to the final battle in the last issue. B-.

On last week’s DC sister column, I gave my review of the app itself; I’d like to do that for the Marvel Unlimited app this week. It’s a solid interface and layout; I like the presentation a lot. A high point for the Continue Reading section is the ability to remove books, either if they are something you won’t read going forward or it you were to go back into the book (say for a comic review).

The app also ties to a reader’s Marvel Insider account, which reading books can get points for freebees; opening a new comic is worth 50 points and finishing a comic is 100 points.

My biggest gripe is the reading orders. They have some, but with the amount of crossovers and event tie-ins, they don’t have the best option for jumping around. If you don’t see the reading order for, say, Sins of Sinister, you have to jump from book to book and it’s a major inconvenience for readers.

The popular character features could use some work too. You can read key issues for the characters, but those lists are not complete. You’ll also find some issues with characters that have the same name; for example, there are 2 different characters named Colossus in Marvel Comics and you’ll get both characters in “All Comics”.

I prefer the Marvel Unlimited App over the DC Universe Infinite, but I’m getting my money’s worth from both.

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