This Week On DC Universe Infinite Ultra: 03/26/2024


Batman, Legacy Heroes, and a new Penguin arc This Week on DC Universe Infinite Ultra

Some really good books this week on the app, including some legacy heroes, a couple of villains, and a couple of trades. I also knock out 5 reviews this week, while missing out on a couple of books that I need to catch up on.

This Week on DC Universe Infinite Ultra: Penguin #7
  • Alan Scott: The Green Lantern #5 (02/27/2024)
  • Amazons Attack #5 (02/27/2024)
  • Batman: The Brave And The Bold #10 (02/27/2024)
  • Detective Comics #1082 (02/27/2024)
  • Flash #6 (02/27/2024)
  • Green Arrow #9 (02/27/2024)
  • Harley Quinn #37 (02/27/2024)
  • Jay Garrick: The Flash #5 (02/27/2024)
  • Penguin #7 (02/27/2024)
  • Power Girl #6 (02/27/2024)

If you haven’t read the anthology series The Brave and the Bold, I highly recommend it; the stories, while mostly Batman, deal with a bunch of characters across all different genres. The Flash concludes the first arc of the new series. Green Arrow deals with the Beast World fallout. Harley is in a multiverse story this month. The Penguin teams up with Batman to start his second arc.

Here is the Manga book out this week:

  • Joker: One Operation Joker #20 (03/26/2024)

This is a book I really need to check out; the online reviews are pretty good.

Finally, 2 new trades on the app this week:

  • Justice Society of America Vol 1: the New Golden Age
  • Knight Terrors: Knocturnal Creatures

JSA is the Dawn of DC book and a very good series; it’s worth checking out. Knocturnal Creatures is mostly Knight Terror stories for bad guys: Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Joker, and Punchline, along with Zantanna, who I guess didn’t really fit with any of the hero books.

I knocked out a few books last week; here are the quick reviews:

  • Ape-Ril Special #1: I really don’t know why I decided to read this, but I’m glad I did. It told 4 stories of different primate characters of the DC Universe. All were low stakes and did need a little bit of previous info (which was pointed out by Editor Notes); none of that took away from the story though. This was probably aimed more at kids, but I enjoyed reading it. Grade: B-.
  • Batman #144: Chip Zdarsky continues to knock it out of the park with Batman; he knows how to write grounded, street-level character. We get more of Joker: Year One and some of the best mind-games he’s played with Batman in years. I recommend this whole run. Book of the week: A.
  • Batman/Superman: World’s Finest #23: Early in this arc, I didn’t know if Mark Waid would recapture what he did in Kingdom Come; I didn’t see how the stories fit together. I see it now. Earth Prime’s Batman and Superman lead the charge against Kingdom Come Darkseid; but the battle leads to real creation of Magog, and the rest all falls into place. Waid continues to be one of the most reliable writers in the industry, almost to the point that he’s an underrated writer because he’s been doing it for so long. Grade: A-.
  • John Constantine, Hellblazer: Dead In America #2: I haven’t read a Hellblazer book in years, so maybe I’m a little lost on where the character is at. I really want to enjoy this book because it’s touted as part of the “Sandman Universe” (we even get an appearance from Dream himself). Parts have been confusing, but I’m willing to continue on to see where this goes. Grade: C-.
  • Nightwing #111: The start of a new arc where Nightwing struggles with the acrobatics he’s known for years. The last arc was very solid, but I wasn’t feeling the first issue of this one; I’ll stick with it because Tom Taylor has nailed the character and I have faith that this story will go somewhere. Grade: C.

I really wanted to read Catwoman, but I’m a few issues behind; the 9 Lives story started strong, but I’ve just fallen off the title. Superman and Titans are also on that fallen behind list, but more for curiosity on the titles than enjoying the characters.

I might be back later this week with a new reading order, if time allows this week.

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