standards Release 3rd Studio LP ‘Fruit Galaxy’


standards Release Third Studio LP, ‘Fruit Galaxy,’

“A fruitful combination of musical chops and catchy guitar-driven melodies; Uniquely danceable yet complex instrumental rock.”

Stream/Order “Fruit Galaxy” Here


“standards are far and away the cheeriest band in the history of math rock, and maybe instrumental rock writ large. (Essential Releases)” –Bandcamp Daily

“Songs fly by with fast paced, intricate playing that are still filled to the brim with melodic hooks… I can’t think of too many other albums in this genre that will make you have a smile on your face the entire time.”- Metal Trenches

Acclaimed Los Angeles math-rock masters standards have released their 3rd studio album, ‘Fruit Galaxy’.

Stream/Order ‘Fruit Galaxy’ (Digital, Vinyl, CD, Cassette) HERE.

Watch the “Cosmos” video HERE.

standards - Cosmos | Official Music Video

Watch the “Big Bad” music video HERE.

standards recently completed a fully sold out tour supporting Elephant Gym (Topshelf Records).

Led by guitar virtuoso, Marcos Mena, standards is a math rock duo all of its own. The pair boast a fruitful combination of musical chops and catchy guitar-driven melodies which has garnished popularity among fans who laud standards for their uniquely danceable brand of complex instrumental rock. For almost five years, their instrumental compositions have captivated audiences all over the world as well as in their hometown of Los Angeles, California.

Hailed as “an interesting, new talent” by Guitar World magazine, standards continue to defy expectations of what an instrumental rock duo is capable of.

standards is endorsed by Ibanez, Fishman, Ernie Ball, Daddario, TAMA Drums, & Meinl Cymbals.

What others have said about standards
“The most upbeat math-rock duo you ever did hear…has the kind of breezy syncopated grooves that you can’t help but shake your butt to – and the kind of chops that you can’t help but drop your jaw to.”- Music Radar

Photo credit: Diego Guardado
Editor: Chip McCarthy

“There’s something so delightful about the dissonance of a duo that plays intricate math rock instrumentals presenting their work with adorable cartoons of anthropomorphic fruit and Cuban bodega color schemes. Let the music speak for itself. Thank your lucky stars that Mena is using his talent to rip out playful emo-adjacent tunes rather than something evil like technical death metal or modern prog. We need him on our side.”- Paste Magazine

“If two-piece math-rockers Standards are known for anything, it’s first and foremost for loving fruit more than any other band on the planet. Oh, and there’s also guitarist Marcos Mena’s hugely technical yet hook-heavy tap-based playing style”- Guitar World

“Los Angeles math rock duo Standards went from nothing to everything seemingly overnight. The band achieved fame across the math rock and wider music community with their string of imaginative live videos, which quickly became viral sensations.”- Fecking Bahamas

“Is Marcos Mena the best guitarist in indie rock?”- 48 Hills

“With a touch of the 80s, (“Cherry”) is a joyous outburst from the duo with vibrant synths, a masterclass in drumming and off the wall guitar playing. It’s an eclectic mixture of electronic elements and outrageous musical talent, as the band push themselves to create a level of complex musical brilliance. It’s my new addiction.”- Backseat Mafia

“The sonic equivalent of a healthy and refreshing summer salad.”- Frontrunner Magazine

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