Post-Hardcore Veterans THE IDORU Returning With New Album ‘Undertow’ On April 26


Budapest, Hungary Post-Hardcore Veterans THE IDORU Returning with New Album ‘Undertow’ On April 26 via Swedish Label Black Star Foundation

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The Idoru

“The Idoru include the essence of melodic hardcore over highly addictive emotive narrations that retain elements of both contemporary post-hardcore and skate punk trends…The definitive statement of the band that simply shouts they’re back and here to stay…” – Thoughts Words Action (On The Idoru’s last release “Old Songs”)

Budapest, Hungary post-hardcore vets The Idoru will release the new LP ‘Undertow’ via Swedish label Black Star Foundation on April 26.

The new single + video “This Ship Will Sail” is the follow up to the album’s lead single “The King Is Naked” which debuted in February.

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The Idoru - This Ship Will Sail (official video 2024)

After a decade-long hiatus, The Idoru made a powerful comeback in 2020 with a new 3-song EP titled ‘Old Songs,’ Originating in 2003, the band boasts an extensive history, undertaking headlining tours across Europe and Japan. They’ve also shared the stage with notable acts like Ignite during their Japan tour and iconic punk band Misfits on select European tours. Over the years, The Idoru has released four albums and several EPs.

The Idoru

Hailing from Budapest, Hungary, The Idoru emerged in 2003, founded by former members of the Hungarian hardcore band, Newborn. In their inaugural year, the band quickly gained traction with local gigs and expanded to international shows. After establishing a foundation, they embarked on their first recording venture in the fall, resulting in the release of the three-song debut EP, ‘After the Storm,’ during a New Year’s Eve live performance. This initial collaboration with the legendary Japanese record label Alliance-Trax paved the way for their debut album, ‘Brand New Way, Brand New Situation,’ recorded in late 2004.

By the fall of 2004, The Idoru joined the roster of the Austrian label Burning Season Records, releasing the full-length album in February 2005. After recording their third record, ‘Hopeless Illusions EP,’ in 2005, the band made a strategic move to Deadbutcher Records. In 2020, The Idoru partnered with the Swedish record label Black Star Foundation to release a new 3-song EP and subsequently are preparing to release their latest 10-song album, ‘Undertow.’

The Idoru’s musical fusion encompasses the forces of metal, hardcore, and punk rock genres, resulting in a dynamic and progressive sound.

The Idoru

The IDORU is:

  • Tibor Szalkai (guitars)
  • András Bödecs (vocals)
  • Gergely Varga (guitars)
  • Mátyás Mohácsi (bass)
  • Márió Szirota (drums)

‘Undertow’ Album Credits

  • Mixed and Mastered by Peter Bodnar at Zsiraf Studio
  • Vocals recorded by Mátyás Botlik at Grenma Studio
  • Drums recorded by Peter Bodnar at Pannonia Studio
  • Guitars and bass recorded by Attila Horváth at Ash Sound

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