GAB DE LA VEGA Releases 4th Studio Album “Life Burns”


Gab De La Vega Releases 4th Studio Album “Life Burns”

Stream ‘Life Burns’ Here

“If you don’t know the name Gab De La Vega yet, you might be more familiar with some of the bands he’s shared stages with: Frank Turner, Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace, PUP, Chuck Ragan, Joey Cape.”- New Noise Magazine

Gab De La Vega, the Italian-born singer-songwriter, has unveiled his fourth studio album, “Life Burns,” through SBÄM Records globally, in collaboration with Sell The Heart Records (U.S.), Epidemic Records, Motorcity Productions, and Overdrive (all in Italy).

Stream the album here:

“Life Burns” on Vinyl, CD, tape:

Gab De La Vega - Preaching To The Choir (Official Music Video SBÄM Records 2024)

From the dynamic drum rhythms and fierce guitar riffs of “Off My Chest” to the groove of the intimate and atmospheric “Northern Lights,” all the way to the incendiary punk and hardcore-flavored track “Preaching To The Choir,” “Life Burns” showcases a diverse sonic proposition. With twelve tracks expressing different moods, it stands out as one of the most multifaceted and surprising albums of 2024.

Gab de la Vega

The album immediately stands out for the studio production work, which does not stifle the spontaneity of Gab De La Vega’s songwriting but, on the contrary, enhances its authenticity and organicity.

The songs come across as credible, well conceived and capable at the same time of living a life of their own as well as contributing to the unity of the album.

Gab De La Vega comments:

“I can’t believe that finally ‘Life Burns’ is out! I have been waiting a long time for this moment, it has been a long and demanding work to release this album. I would first like to thank SBÄM Records, Sell The Heart Records, Epidemic Records, Motorcity Productions and Overdrive for allowing me to make this important chapter of my musical history available.

“This album is very important to me. It comes out of a phase of difficulty, suffering and bewilderment and perhaps that is what makes it an intensely sincere and honest album. I did not want to put filters on either my music or my lyrics. Everything you find in here represents me 100 percent and I could not help but be proud of it.

“‘Life Burns.’ Because it does, indeed. Life burns relentlessly, often when you least expect it. And life burns, because sometimes it hurts, just to grab it and it burns you, but you don’t give up. You try, always. On the surface, that is what underlies the title of this album. As I was saying: a very personal album, but one that I hope will resonate with many people who approach the music and lyrics.

“For me, music is a fundamental form of expression, often allowing me to communicate things that I would not otherwise be able to share. This is a very diverse album, in sounds, atmospheres, lyrics and feelings. Each song lives a life of its own but at the same time I think it is one of those albums that has to be tackled all at once, from beginning to end.”

Gab de la Vega
Photo: Ronnie Amighetti

Gab De La Vega is about to take the album on tour both with the band and as a solo artist. Gab De La Vega and The Open Cages will appear live on these dates to present the album.

  • 09.03 – Montichiari – Monamì Live Social Space – Release Party
  • 22.03 – Brescia – Lattepiù Live w/ Cara Calma
  • 23.03 – Schio – Arcadia
  • 19.04 – Bologna – Circolo Hex
  • 04.05 – Milan – La Casa di Alex
  • 31.05 – TBA

More dates, both with the band and solo, will be announced later.

Gab De La Vega’s journey over the years has spanned Europe, including the United Kingdom, the East Coast of the United States, Canada and South America, and has seen him share stages with such major artists as Frank Turner, Against Me!, Laura Jane Grace, PUP, Chuck Ragan, Joey Cape and others. In 2022 he participated with his band in Frank Turner’s Lost Evenings Festival in Berlin, at the invitation of the British singer-songwriter, and recently embarked on the “Road to the Next Chapter Tour” in 2023, bridging the gap between his third record, “Beyond Space And Time” and the new album “Life Burns.”

“Life Burns” was co-produced by Simone Piccinelli and Gab De La Vega at La Buca Recording Club (Montichiari, Brescia). The album cover was designed by Christophe Bonardi, while the graphic layout was taken care of by Gab De La Vega.

The labels involved are releasing the album on vinyl, CD and tape (as well as digitally). Worldwide stores can be found here: and include SBÄM Records (worldwide, including partner stores in the UK and Canada – vinyl and CD), Sell The Heart Records (US – vinyl and CD), Epidemic Records (covering Italy together with Motorcity Produzioni – vinyl and CD) and Overdrive (Italy – cassette).

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