Comic Book Reading Order: Marvel’s Sins of Sinister (2023)


Sins of Sinister shows what happens when you trust Mr. Sinister

Since the start of the X-Men relaunch in 2019, there have been a lot of interesting aspects to the Krakoa Era of the books, from the living island becoming the sovereign nations for mutants to the absolution of past crimes for all that live on the island. The absolution is critical because it allows Mr. Sinister to become a prominent member of the mutant society.

For those that don’t know much about this era and Sinister’s role, Professor X, Magento, and Moria McTaggert know that the evolution of mutants doesn’t have a change of extending past a few generations and they need to take action to preserve their species. McTaggert is now a mutant who is essentially in a timeloop and remembers everything from her past lives. Xavier goes to Sinister and has him start to catalogue mutant DNA so they can make clones of slain mutants and reinsert their previous memories, which Xavier saves and backs up in Cerebro weekly. While they know they can’t trust Sinister, they have to work with him.

Sinister proves why. He’s been making his own clones of McTaggert, which he can use as save points and send his data back to when he resets the clones (aka kills them). Sins of Sinister is essentially a timeline where Sinister gets control of the island to gain power.

The 3 series in the story are replacements for Immortal X-Men (Immoral X-Men), Legion of X (Nightcrawlers), and X-Men: Red (Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants).

Here’s the synopsis from Marvel:

For decades, Mister Sinister has plotted and schemed, intent on creating a “better” world. Now, at last, his plans come to fruition beyond his wildest dreams – and his darkest nightmares! Ten, a hundred and a thousand years into the future, a horrific timeline has been unleashed that makes the Age of Apocalypse look like a day at the beach! Who are the Immoral X-Men, sworn to crush a world that adores and respects them? Why are Storm and the Brotherhood seeking deadly revenge? And what is the shocking secret of the bloodthirsty bamfing assassins, the Legion of the Night? As Sinister’s genetic tampering runs rampant across the globe, can the X-Men survive this experience? Can anyone?

It’s a great event, even if the timelines can get a little confusing; they draw on the Hickman concept from House of X/Powers of X of jumping the story forward 10, 100, and 1000 years to show how impactful Sinister has been on the timeline, while also paralleling to Hickman’s timeline from HOX/POX.

Sins of Sinister


  • Immortal X-Men #9
  • Immortal X-Men #10

Main Event

  • Sins of Sinister #1
  • Storm & The Brotherhood Of Mutants #1
  • Nightcrawlers #1
  • Immoral X-Men #1
  • Nightcrawlers #2
  • Immoral X-Men #2
  • Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #2
  • Immoral X-Men #3
  • Storm & The Brotherhood of Mutants #3
  • Nightcrawlers #3
  • Sins of Sinister: Dominion #1

Aftermath – these aren’t really tied into the event, but deal with elements of the fallout while also setting up the Fall of X storyline out now.

  • Immortal X-Men #11
  • X-Men: Before the Fall – Son of X #1
  • X-Men: Red #11
  • X-Men: Red #12
  • X-Men: Before the Fall – Heralds of Apocalypse #1

The full event can be found in print (both in floppies and in collected editions) and on Marvel Unlimited (search the event and it’ll pull it up in order to read, without the aftermath issues though).

Is there a reading order you need? Don’t know where to start reading a specific book? Leave a comment on what future reading orders you’d like to see and we’ll get to them.

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