Nyrdcast Podcast 192: Comic Book Book Club


The Nyrdcast Podcast, where we recommend comics.

We’re back with an episode we’ve been teasing for a while: Comic Book Book Club.  First we catch up, talk about cell phones, car issues, and some news:

  • The Marvels is now on Disney+
  • Daredevil: Born Again news
  • Wrestling, including the return of the Rock
  • MCU to focus on stronger franchises
  • The New Ultimate Universe

We then discuss the hypothetical comic book book club.  The basis is to pick 3 books for a non-comic reader to start with.  We each give 3 books and the reasoning why.  We also touch on some books that were close and a few we wanted to avoid.

We finish up with home work, which included The Mandela Effect, The Greatest Night In Pop, Loudermilk, Mr and Mrs Smith, Something Is Killing the Children Vol 4, Dumb Money, Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning, and more.

This week’s beer was Perennial Artisan Ale‘s Sump Coffee Stout 2024.

The Nyrdcast Podcast Beer of the Week: Perennial Sump

This week’s featured song was “The Albatross” by Fire Sale.  You can find them at: Facebook | Instagram | TikTok | YouTube

The intro music was The Mad Dog Remix of The Other Side by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; it was created by Madelyn Tierney.

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