Nyrdcast Podcast 180: Best Movie & Comic Podcast of 2023


The Nyrdcast Podcast, An Award Winning Podcast again

Big announcement this week, as the Nyrdcast Podcast was named the Best Movie and Comic Podcast of 2023 by New World Report; while it’s just a ploy to get money out of websites and podcast, we’ll ride it as far as we can go with it.  We talk about Jay’s trip to see Tech N9ne, Hollywood Undead, and King ISO, Daredevil: Born Again news, Invincible news, Star Wars rumors, and the announcement that Sting is retiring from wrestling. 

We then hit on the news items from NYCC, including new Ultimate Comics from Marvel, the return of Elseworld books from DC, and poop on the floor. 

We finish with homework, including the Last Starfighter, Mission Impossible, Kung Pow, Spectre, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Meg 1 and 2, The Woods, The Magic Order, X-Men, Justice Society of America, and a final talk about All Of The Marvels.

This week’s featured beers were Third Wheel Brewing’s Hip Hop Shuffle Vol 7 and Shortleaf Brewing’s No Wake West Coast IPA.

Nyrdcast Podcast Beer of the Week: Third Wheel Hip Hop Shuffle Vol 7
Nyrdcast Podcast Beer of the Week: Shortleaf No Wake West Coast IPA

This week’s featured song was “Carousel” from For Closure.  You can find them at: InstagramFacebook

The intro music was The Mad Dog Remix of The Other Side by the Red Hot Chili Peppers; it was created by Madelyn Tierney.

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