EMBERS’ Latest Single ‘Scratch My Name’ Is Your New Favorite Emo Revenge Banger


Embers’ Latest Single ‘Scratch My Name’ Is Your New Favorite Emo Revenge Banger

A-List Collaboration + New EP Coming Soon

Stream “Scratch My Name” Here

Watch The Video Here


Embers. The remnants of the fire that continue to burn. That refuse to die. That prevail, and glow, long after the flames subside. Embers is a new vessel. Yet, in a very real sense, the music is the consequence of a long, winding path of artistic evisceration and self-discovery: a death-defying career spent immersed in the trenches of the visual and performing arts.

Perhaps this is why Embers is able to so deftly intertwine contrasts—beauty and darkness, aggression and melody, grit and real pathos, the organic and the synthesized—across his unique, affecting, sprawling soundscapes. At a given moment he might conjure Lil Peep, Bright Eyes, Machine Gun Kelly, Linkin Park, Brand New, Crooked Fingers, Guardin, Badly Drawn Boy, and more—but it is always in atmospheric shades and doses, never imitation. Embers is not for the glitter underground.

San Diego-based Embers’ latest single “Scratch My Name” is out now and will be followed by an a-list collaboration and new EP titled, ‘To: The Moon,’ coming soon!

Embers says, “I wrote this song while on the road and dealing with the ups and downs of trying to maintain a relationship. I wanted to capture the sound that reminds me of singing along to my favorite bands in the car, but with the lyrics of an emo revenge banger.”

Stream the single on DSPS.

Stream the music video HERE.

Embers single cover

He will celebrate the release of the EP with a full band performance on Saturday, October 28 at San Diego’s Music Box (direct support for Death Cab For Karaoke). See show info/ticket link below.

Upcoming Show:

  • Saturday, October 28th 2023
    Belly Up & Soda Bar Present:
    Death Cab for Karaoke: Blink-182 Night, Embers
    Music Box – San Diego, CA

Tickets On Sale Now:

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