AUROARA LEIGH Explores Deep Human Themes In “Emergence”


Indigenous singer-songwriter Auroara Leigh drops her next single “Emergence”

The Canadian singer weaves spiritual practices and teachings into the song.

Indigenous Singer Songwriter Auroara Leigh releases an empowering burst of energy on “Emergence”. About the spirited new single and it’s deeply human themes, Auroara Leigh says “Emergence is about allowing yourself to be true to your own story of self, more than the projections from others about who you are. Emergence is about releasing the story of life or pain that someone else might have taught you or showed you in their behavior and not letting it impact how YOU choose to live.”

Auroara Leigh

Auroara Leigh is a Canadian Metis (Indigenous) singer songwriter who weaves her spiritual practices and teachings into her music for more healing both for her listeners and herself. With her first two highly personal and genre-defying releases, 2021’s album Feel It to Heal It and Sacred Rebirth in December 2022, Auroara spoke her truth and walked the path of her own Sacred Fire Medicine Path for all to see. 

With her upcoming single ‘Emergence,’ Auroara Leigh is once again teaching by doing and forging her own path musically. As she did in her past releases, Auroara Leigh conscripted instrumentalists to help her realize her musical vision, with one particular important piece: “I felt the need to have a fiddle join the track because my grandfather was a Metis fiddler and he was well known for it. I hadn’t brought in fiddle in any of my songs yet, and it felt like a way of honoring him, and also my Metis identity.”

The fiddle, played by celebrated violinist Chloe Nakahara, is indeed a hauntingly beautiful part of ‘Emergence’ and is perfectly styled to go with Auroara Leigh‘s unique brand of indigenous folk-tinged pop. Auroara Leigh has a knack for fusing her Metis musical heritage with her own plain-speaking lyrical style and more universal spirituality. 

Throughout her work on Feel It to Heal It and Sacred Rebirth, audiences will find solfeggio tones, ancient tribal drums and other ambient work that helps listeners feel more centered and work through fears and trauma, just as Auroara Leigh herself has. In ‘Emergence’ this becomes the most clear thus far: “I was so hurt by life, by grief, by betrayal, by abuses, by disappointment….like waves knocking me over and over. I just had to figure out a different way to be, or I would drown. I had to sing and transform it.” Indeed, Auroara Leigh has done just that. 

“My music is a movement to embrace life and everything it brings. It’s about not shaming each other because when we accept each other, we can connect more again and I think the world could use a lot more of that!” – Auroara Leigh

Now, Auroara Leigh has released a powerful accompanying video that supports the song’s themes about reclaiming personal power. Note: this video does contain some nudity.

Stream or playlist the new single on Spotify.

Watch the brand new official music video, released August 13th.

Auroara Leigh single cover

More Info:
Artist Name: Auroara Leigh
Location: BC
Release Title: Emergence
Release Date: June 21, 2023 (single), Aug 13, 2023 (video)
Label: Independent
Producer Name(s): Last Spike Recording, Jeremy Sundahl, Chris Gehringer (Mastering)
Genre(s): pop, alternative folk     
Vernon Theatre Showcase Feature Artist 

Musician Names/Instruments:
Auroara, vocal, songwriter
Jeremy Blattner, piano
Karl Matzhold, Bass
Chloe Nakahara, violin 

Artist Biography:

Auroara Leigh is a Canadian Metis singer songwriter, and all of her songs have been written by her and the help of instrumentalists she brings into each song writing process. Auroara brings lightness to the dark with her music and shares those spaces with others to offer the power of connection as people are welcomed to share about topics such as human trafficking, addiction, grief, mental health, domestic violence, and more. Auroara weaves her knowledge of intergenerational trauma healing into her shows and is planning to offer her Sacred Fire Medicine Tour to communities and organizations that request it. 

Social Media:
Tour Website | Website | Facebook | Instagram | Spotify | TikTok | Bandcamp | Youtube


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