2023 Cardinals Draft Tracker


The 2023 Cardinals Draft Tracker

Here’s all the picks, along with signing demographics and bonus info.

Here is the 2023 Cardinals Draft Tracker (I wanted to get this live last week, but a family vacation made it impossible). Below is all 20 rounds of the draft and many demographics.

2023 MLB Draft

Tab 1 (Demographis) lists the overall team draft numbers – total picks, how many have signed, and spending amounts. This year I broke out rounds 1-10 and 11-20; I did this to just make it easier for myself, but it does show how much is being added to the pool in late round over-spending. If a team spends over $150k on picks between rounds 11 and 20, that overage is included in the bonus pool they’ve spent.

As always, I created columns for the pool plus 5%; a team can go over 5% of their pool with only paying a tax. Any spending over 5% will include the tax and loss of future picks. All overages are in Red cells.

There are also breakouts for picks by position, school level, and state.

Tab 2 (Picks) are the individual picks and signings. I’ve slacked a little on the non-drafted free agents; I’ll be adding them to the bottom with any bonus reports.

The deadline to sign is August 1st (5 PM CST).

All figures in Millions ($1.0000 is $1,000,000).

Caden Kendle is listed on MLB’s Draft Tracker as signed, but he announced via Twitter that he’ll be returning to UC-Irvine next season. His bonus amount has been removed from the pool.

I’m expecting that the Cardinals won’t be signing Cameron Johnson; he’s a pretty highly rated prospect (#42 draft prospect according to with a commitment to LSU. The team only has about $150k in bonus money to add to his max bonus (also $150k); I don’t see $300k being enough to buy him out of his commitment.

Here are the official notes for the first 9 picks (Pick 1 Chase Davis and Rounds 3-10) and scouting reports.

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