d3adc0de Return With Anthemic New Single “Call Out The Liars”


d3adc0e Return With Anthemic New Single
“Call Out The Liars”


Narrative Music Video Coming Soon

APRIL 27, 2023 (Miami Beach, FL)  – Following their debut earlier this year with “Fight Or Flight,” that included an eye-opening and club-ready remix done by big beat legends The Crystal Method, electronic-rockers d3adc0de have returned with their brand new track “Call Out The Liars.” Considered by the band to be their most pop leaning song, the track is out today on all DSPs.


“When Steve sent me the first draft of the song that became ‘Call Out the Liars,’ it immediately struck me that the chorus was big and needed a strong melody for the vocals,” says vocalist Stephen Sims. “For me, lyric writing typically comes in after I figure out the melody. With all of the negative events happening around the world over the past few years, I took the opportunity to vent out a lot of frustration and wrote the lyrics in a manner where the meaning is completely open to interpretation by the listener.”

Opening with tempered yet sharp synths that oscillate in volume as Sims’ vocals enter the fray, “Call Out The Liars” percolates with staccato synths that meshes electronic elements with the epic soaring rock that has become d3adc0de’s calling card. In sharp compliment to the music’s frenetic beat, Sims takes a stand against victim blaming.  

The band continues its ambitious sci-fi narrative that launched with “Fight Or Flight” with the upcoming video for the new single as well. The “Fight Or Flight” video featured the band awakening from hypersleep on a spaceship that nearly careened into a black hole. However the threat was avoided and the ship stumbled upon a new planet.

“For ‘Call Out the Liars,’ we are bringing the child of another world who becomes the victim of digital possession into the future from the past with a portal gun,” says Sims. “The reason is because the ‘Hashcube’ is another powerful artifact we need to capture that pulls in all life energy into it, and we see the aftermath of its energy with the barren planet.”

Call Out The Liars
Photo credit – Astrid Morgreen

Formed in 2020, the duo first met at an advanced cyber-security institute where they worked as “ethical hackers” who safeguard systems from malicious external threats. Besides being amongst some of the most elite hackers in their industry, they soon realized they also shared musical history, both as members of 2000’s alternative rock bands (Vocalist Stephen Sims in Solid State Logic and Instrumentalist Steven Morgan in Stellar Revival).

Realizing they could showcase not only their mutual musical interests, but their future-forward tech sensibilities and aesthetic, the two joined forces and gave birth to d3adc0de (which is hacker jargon for an 8-byte hex signature left by clandestine hackers after they’ve taken control of a computer).

“The band has broad inspirations, and our sound contains pieces and influences from all of it that we pull from in our music,” says Sims, looking forward to continuing their sci-fi world-building and musical narrative and introducing more and more music for the masses. “We hope that the listeners really just enjoy the music that we’ve created and find something in it that excites them, whether it’s the lyrics, the melodies, the guitar solo, or the atmosphere.”

Call Out The Liars” by d3adc0de is out today independently on all DSPs.

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