HU$H Delivers His Genre-Fluid Debut Album ‘Skunkworks’ On May 12



HU$H album cover

HU$H delivers a chaotically catchy sound steeped in metal, punk, rap, and electronic, equally indebted to My Chemical Romance, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, and Slipknot as well as Noisia and A Tribe Called Quest. Taking the reins on his upcoming Strange Music debut LP SKUNKWORKS, out on May 12, he produced, played all of the instruments, and sang on all the tracks.

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He caught the attention of Strange Music with his shapeshifting style and signed with the label in 2021. He has since generated nearly 10 million streams and counting. In 2022, he dropped the emotionally charged song “Breakables” and on its heels, he further ignited his new chapter with the single “Envy,” followed by the guitar pierces and electronic percussion on the track “Overstay”, the electro-rock vibes on “Debt” and the punk-infused “Faith Is Lost”.

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Although HU$H explores different sounds and styles across his songs, the music remains cohesive thanks to his distinctive vocals and honest observations and lyrics about life, love, growing up, and being a survivor.

Long-time fans of Strange Music might be a bit shocked to be hearing the hard leaning sounds coming from the label that is famous for its hip-hop success, but it’s really not surprising when you realize the label was named after a song by one of the most influential and controversial rock acts of the 1960s, The Doors. As the label and its artists evolve, they continue to prove that not everything fits into a predetermined box.

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