FORTY FEET TALL Present An Experimental Shift On New EP Tunnel Vision Out Now!

“With Tunnel Vision, the band takes on a more layered sheen than their last EP, BOIL, all while offering plenty of sharp hooks and grooves along the way” – Under The Radar

“Portland foursome Forty Feet Tall popped up to remind us all that rock ’n’ roll is still very much alive… in the vein of Queens of the Stone Age or Arctic Monkeys, Forty Feet Tall aren’t interested in dealing in watered-down, radio-friendly rock; there’s a tinge of aggression around the edges of these songs.”The Alternative

“A smart and lively blend of garage rock with a slick energy and a hint of smart pop in the chorus and style of production.” – We All Want Someone To Shout For

“Formed in 2011 by a bunch of savvy teenagers from Los Angeles, the now-decade-old group are ready to showcase their refreshing brand of 2000′s-era Incubus, Queens Of The Stone Age and Cage The Elephant.” –  The Noise

“Drenched in reverb, driving riffs like The Strokes mixed with fun vocals in the vein of Jay Reatard and Pavement, these guys got the assignment right.” – Rebel Noise

“A bold and driven indie-rock belter.” – Mystic Sons


Present An Experimental Shift On New EP Tunnel Vision Out Today via Magnetic Moon

MARCH 24, 2022 (Portland, OR) – “We’re excited to see what people think of all the new weird stuff we attempted on the Tunnel Vision EP,” says Portland-based indie rockers FORTY FEET TALL about their new experimental EP, out today via Magnetic Moon. As told to Under The Radar, “So many of us can have blinders on to the important issues that we have to face right now. We get so distracted by all sorts of bullshit these days (including us) and the lyrics to these songs are a reminder to look at what’s important in our lives, for humanity, and for the planet as a whole.” 

Forty Feet Tall’s musical history has always been cathartic from the start – the band explores their deeper aggravated feelings with a more laid-back and expansive approach. Building off of their previous singles – the rage-filled and political “We Can’t Go Back To Normal” and the high-energy “Sleepwalking,” Forty Feet Tall dissect their built-up enraged emotions impacted by the polarized political climate.

Forty Feet Tall
Forty Feet Tall
Photo credit: Harper King

Tunnel Vision highlights important subjects that the current world faces right now and people’s reluctance to grasp what is happening. The title-track “Tunnel Vision” is a definition of that embrace. “The lyrics address subjects from environmentalism to corporate greed and focus on breaking out of the tunnel vision we can all get stuck in,” explains, Forty Feet Tall.

Observing the dark impact of police brutality in 2020 in the song “We Can’t Go Back To Normal,” they add, “This is our most blatantly political, angry song we’ve made. Cole wrote the lyrics pretty freshly off of protests and it talks about very specific events that happened in Portland, as well as much broader problems that everyone experienced and continues to experience.”  

Forty Feet Tall approaches Tunnel Vision with mellow instrumentals but turns up the dial on the harder-hitting deep-seated reality. They create larger waves and spiritually follow in the footsteps of their previous heated EP BOIL. The band creates memorable riffs that turn heads in lead single “Sleepwalking,” shedding from their musical inspirations Archers of Loaf, the Killers, Pavement, and Pixies, and transforms into differen’t realms of the exhilarated “Look Both Ways,” while cutting an edge into the grungy and fuzzy “Cherry Blossoms.”

Forty Feet Tall are here to expose important current world issues in chaotic and explosive “We Can’t Go Back to Normal.” “This EP is a little more experimental and shows a slightly softer side than the previous one,” the band explains. “With a song like ‘Tunnel Vision,’ we really tried to explore different avenues and get weird.”  

In the Pacific Coast in SoCal, Forty Feet Tall started with childhood friends and Los Angeles natives Cole Gann (lead singer/guitar) and Jack Sehres (guitar). They originally started the band to play a  benefit to save the rainforest, and after graduation from High School, they had built fans big enough to play on stages including the Troubadour, Roxy, and the Whiskey. The two then attended College and took Jack to San Francisco and Cole to Portland, while still maintaining to continue to perform.

Forty Feet Tall then released their self-titled album in 2014, and a few years later the band released the Red Dressed EP. They then both connected with Bass player Brett Marquette in 2017; and later added drummer Ian Kelley which solidified the band’s line up. Forty Feet Tall’s angular and expansive sound drew the attention of television and movie music supervisors, and had songs featured in Showtime’s Shameless, several MTV spots, in the Paramount feature Drunk Wedding, and even an Arnold Schwarzenegger flick (Killing Gunther).   

Forty Feet Tall album
Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision

1.“Look Both Ways”
2. “Cherry Blossoms”
3. “Sleepwalking
4. “We Can’t Go Back To Normal
5. “Tunnel Vision”

Forty Feet Tall’s new EP Tunnel Vision was produced by Cameron Spies (Radiation City, Night Heron) and is out now. Their new EP Tunnel Vision is out today March 24thvia Magnetic Moon.

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