d3adc0de Get Remixed By Big Beat Legends THE CRYSTAL METHOD



d3adc0de Get Remixed by Big Beat Legends The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method

New Intergalactic Visualizer For “Fight or Flight” Remix Out Now

March 24, 2023 (Miami Beach, FL)  – Following their arrival to Planet Earth earlier this year, sci-fi electro-rockers, d3adc0de are now teaming up with electronic legends THE CRYSTAL METHOD for a brand new remix for their song “Fight Or Flight,” which releases today on DSPs independently. The duo, made up of Stephen Sims (vocals) and Steven Morgan (production and instrumentation) have also dropped a visualizer alongside the new remix. It serves as a side-story tease for their ongoing narrative being unveiled through their music and various other forms of multimedia and features an astronaut watching earth under attack before being pulled into a cross dimensional freefall.

d3adc0de “Fight Or Flight – The Crystal Method Remix”

Ditching the guitars featured on the original track, the new remix veers into Big Beat territory with glitchy synths, steady drum patterns, and bass breakdowns all taking center stage while still maintaining the cinematic vibes of the original. Merging the organic and the electronic, “Fight or Flight’s” remix fits the visuals of falling through an intergalactic spacial rend perfectly. “Really stoked that my remix of d3c0de’s debut rock anthem ‘Fight or Flight’ is coming out. Hope you dig it,” says Scott Kirkland of The Crystal Method.

“The Crystal Method has been an influence to my song-writing for more than a decade,” explains Morgan. “I’ve had that inspiration ever since hearing the song ‘Trip Like I Do’ where the intro begins with the lyrics ‘another world, another time.’ It seems the collaboration between d3adc0de and The Crystal Method is in the spirit of that message. It’s very exciting to hear the remix version of our debut single. It’s a refreshing twist to the original song that stands out on its own, and makes me feel like I’m listening to a song straight off of Vegas or Tweekend, except, it’s a d3adc0de song.”

“I was very excited to see what The Crystal Method could do with ‘Fight or Flight,’ given their unique and pioneering sound,” adds Sims. “The classic collaboration track with Filter, ‘Trip Like I Do,’ demonstrated their ability to blend rock and electronic, and so we knew that the outcome would blow us away. I still have ‘The Trip Home,’ one of The Crystal Method’s more recent releases on my weekly playlist due heavily to the impressive vocal features and timeless sound. The ‘Fight or Flight’ remix exceeded my already high expectations.  

Photo credit - Astrid Morgreen

“d3adc0de is an ambitious project that bend the lines between music, cinema, and performance, and becomes more rewarding for the fans that want to explore and immerse themselves into something alien,” explains Morgan about the sensorial environment that will enthrall listeners with a full-on immersive experience. “We plan to perform in unique venues that simulate and immerse the audience through augmented reality integrated with our concerts.”

The band is already beginning to live up to this promise, as they have created a brand new Metaverse world, where fans can explore the mysterious spacecraft from the initial “Fight or Flight” video, just as their AI robot pilot did while trying to save them from disaster. You can venture in and see it for yourself here –

“This is just the beginning of an immersive experience that we want to give our listeners and fans. Something different, and something that you can not only hear and see, but also explore,” says Morgan. “Whether through a story in your mind, on a screen, in a metaverse, or in real life; exploration, space travel, and time travel are subjects that need to have exploration and world building at its core. And we want to continue to provide this content to support just that with the music as it’s foundation.”

Formed in 2020, d3adc0de creates a seamless hybrid of rock and electronic music that feeds off of their sci-fi passions. “Ethical hackers” by trade, the duo first met at an advanced cyber-security institute where they worked to safeguard systems from external threats. Besides being amongst some of the most elite hackers in their industry, they soon realized they also shared musical history, having both played in alternative rock bands, (Stephen Sims in Solid State Logic and Steven Morgan in Stellar Revival). Realizing they could showcase not only their shared musical interests, but their future-forward tech sensibilities and aesthetic, the two joined forces and gave birth to d3adc0de (hacker jargon for an 8-byte hex signature left by hackers after they’ve take control of a computer).

For nearly three decades, The Crystal Method has remained one of the most influential and well- respected acts in electronic music. The GRAMMY® nominated act pioneered the Big Beat genre and popularized electronic music with mainstream audiences, beginning with their platinum-selling debut, Vegas (1997). To date, The Crystal Method has played more than1300 shows—headlining EDC, Lollapalooza, and Ultra Miami and touring with an array of acts: from Guns N’ Roses and Tool to The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers. All the while their music has appeared in more than 100 film, TV, and video game soundtracks. That musical versatility also extends to an extensive discography of official remix partners, including Linkin Park, New Order, Hans Zimmer and the Doors. Along the way, TCM has released such best-selling titles as Tweekend (2001), Legion of Boom (2004), and Divided by Night (2009)—the latter two of which earned GRAMMY® nods for Best Dance/Electronic Album

d3adc0de’s Fight or Flight” remix with The Crystal Method is out today on all DSPs. More music, videos, and multi-media will be released soon.

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