CROWJANE Dances In The Wilderness For New ‘Ergot Journey’ Music Video

“CrowJane conjures eerie soundscapes and instrumentals swirling with brimming intensity and marries them with an equally enticing visual narrative” – Under The Radar

Mater Dolorosa is a heady and heavy release that’s allowed CrowJane the freedom to express every ounce of emotion from track to track” – Ghettoblaster Magazine 

“In a year where we have had so much bad shit going on, it is great for an artist to come out of left field and hit so hard… A powerful debut album” – Infrared Magazine 

“Darkly surreal” – ReGen Magazine 

“Like nothing you’ve ever listened to before” – Rock N Blues Magazine 


Dances In The Wilderness
For New “Ergot Journey” Music Video

Debut Album Mater Dolorosa Out Now 

FEBRUARY 28, 2023 (Los Angeles, CA) – Dancing like nobody’s watching, experimental post-punk artist CROWJANE has released her brand new music video for “Ergot Journey” today. Taken from her debut solo album Mater Dolorosa, the new visual is the latest in a series of videos that CrowJane (real name Heather Galipo) has produced in support of the record, following videos for Terminal Secrets,” “Circular Valley,” “It’s A Man’s World,” “Delusion,” “A Salty Breezeand The Pharmacy.

Ergot Journey - CrowJane
CrowJane “Ergot Journey”

The “Ergot Journey” video features CrowJane dancing in assorted costumes and situations; alone in the desert in a long dark dress, exploring the forest in light green lace attire, performing with several backup dancers at the top of a cliff, and menacingly crawling towards the viewer on all fours in a complete, eyeless mask adorned with a crown of arrows. “I mostly just wanted to dance around like Kate Bush dancing in the ‘Wuthering Heights’ music video with the red dress,” says CrowJane. “But some form of the story developed with Jessica Rowell’s styling. The ominous masked creature resembles a taunting dark side.”

photo credit: Jessica Moncrief

“’Ergot Journey’ has my favorite rhythm on Mater Dolorosa,” continues CrowJane. “It was almost an instrumental song entirely, but to keep in theme with vocal rhythms, I sang repeating lines mimicking a synth melody. I wanted this song to be something people could dance to, I wanted it to sound like a journey, and lyrically, it’s a love letter to [the LA-based punk-goth band] Egrets on Ergot. I have played in Egrets on Ergot for around a decade and the band is a significant part of my life.”  

Mixing contemporary production with a real DIY aesthetic on her experimental and rhythmically expansive album Mater Dolorosa, CrowJane teamed with Paul Roessler (Twisted Roots/T.S.O.L./Richie Ramone) and explored sound textures and other effects to create the captivating soundscapes that envelop her uniquely haunting vocals.

Mater Dolorosa was an experimental adventure of messing with different sounds and homemade instruments,” she explains of the unconventional instrumentation that included tin cans, bed railings, and even cat litter. “For example, I used foil and hit it with a pencil as a ‘snare’ sound on ‘Circular Valley.’ I’m happy with the way it turned out and I think it is a good first album and it won’t be the last.” One by one, using fresh alchemy invented on the cuff, they opened old wounds and extracted Mater Dolorosa’s ten eerie pearls from them. The path they carved together led through a twisted maze, the obstacles so frequently daunting that the project took years.

Coming from a visual art background of surrealism and horror, CrowJane has built a career as a professional effects makeup artist who has worked on Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol.3, American Horror Stories, Mulan, HBO’s Winning Time, The Orville, FX’s Dave, We Need To Do Something, Cheaper By The Dozen, Dancing With The Stars, The Last Of Us: Part II, Star Wars: Fallen Order, and more alongside her music career. This wide ranging background in visual arts helped foster an outsider musical sensibility perfectly balanced by an encyclopedic knowledge of the byways and back roads of LA’s contemporary underground music scene in punk and death rock, of which her bands have been  immersed in for the past 10 years.

CrowJane - Mater Dolorosa
CrowJane – Mater Dolorosa

CrowJane’s new video for “Ergot Journey,” taken from her debut album Mater Dolorosa, is out today.  

CrowJane – Mater Dolorosa
1. Estrella
2. Terminal Secrets
3. Delusion
4. Killer Of Peace
5. Ergot Journey
6. Willow
7. The Pharmacy
8. It’s A Man’s World 
9. Circular Valley 
10. A Salty Breeze

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