SILICON DOCKS Provides Animated Satirical Look At Tech Elite


Graham Jones’ Silicon Docks creates the essential satirical look at the 1%.

“All the makings of being a cult classic…” -GONZO MAGAZINE

“A sarcastic animated gem…” -ANIMATION MAGAZINE

“Wickedly funny…” -SEARCHMYTRASH .COM

“I never thought a film about a group of tech moguls getting together for a drink could be so funny…” -ANOTHER MILLENNIAL REVIEWER

“Hilarious animated comedy…” -AXELLERATED REVIEWS

“The hilarity comes from these socially awkward and highly competitive people trying to make the best of a bad situation… Ten internet and tech giants struggling to grab a pint of Guinness over a long day and night in Dublin… Zuckerberg is typically self-obsessed and neurotic, and his view of politics and the US elections is hilariously naive for someone whose platform was embroiled in the 2016 election for less than honourable reasons… Jack Dorsey’s sage-like persona is also used to hilarious effect – his calmness belying a superiority complex and barely hidden anger…” -SODA AND TELEPATHS

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“Merciless, laugh out loud… an animated movie like no other…” -LAST DAY DEAF

“Clever, satirical…” -KALTBLUT MAGAZINE

“Between rounds, the group debates whether to sign a new EU agreement and engages in petty interpersonal bickering including several gratifying one-on-ones between well-publicized rivals…” -CARTOON BREW

“It’s always great to see when directors and animators think outside the box. That’s what Silicon Docks does, it exists somewhere in-between a more old-fashioned drawn style animation and reality, creating a constant wave as its blend leans one way or the other…” -FILM CARNAGE

“Satirical and eye-opening… It felt like a painting had come to life in a type of animation completely different from the norm in film genres…” -HIGH ON FILMS

“A funny, sly and dispiriting portrait of the people in charge of, and made rich by, all our online lives – and while its focus may be on self-styled disruptors, its free mode of release is perhaps the biggest disruption of all…” -ANTON BITEL

“The dialogue is engaging, and the cell-shade animation cinematography is beautiful to look at…. The pandemic as a backdrop to this adds to some of the humor as well as showing, in juxtaposition just how out of touch these so-called futurists are with how humanity operates around them. Touching on modern politics and how tech influences world economies, these characters are all out for their own bank accounts, and don’t see the bigger picture of their role in society’s downfall…” -FILM SNOBBERY

“The film animated by Kasia Wiśniewska actually looks fantastic…” -BUBBLEBLABBER


STARRING Grace Power, Shane Lynch, Brendan McDonald, Fiona Bawn-Thompson, Bobby Calloway, Rob Smith, José Naghmar, Gerry Cannon and Matthew McMahon
ANIMATED BY Kasia Wiśniewska
MUSIC Freedom Trail Studio, Futuremono, The Tower of Light, RKVC, Ashley Shadow, Dan Lebowitz

RUNNING TIME 1hr 23mins

Over here in Ireland we have scores of U.S. tech corporations operating in a place called Silicon Docks. It’s a smallish area just minutes from where I grew up in the eighties and was really different back then. This seismic shift in my native city has really made me reflect on everyday tech users, regular tech workers and just our modern tech society as a whole.

Silicon Docks Still

So I thought it might be interesting to conduct a little experiment. What happens if we take a sample group, let’s say 10 early pioneers of the web and subject them to the same kind of dorkish distortions that everyone else endures online in the 21st century? How will these doctors of the internet react to a taste of their own medicine!

In SILICON DOCKS, precisely such a group of tech bros are prohibited from visiting one another’s European HQs or hotels during the early days of Covid-19. Nevertheless, they must urgently agree on whether or not to sign a critical EU pact and so end up on a kind of weird quest to find one Irish pub that is still open. The satirical urban odyssey features great conflict between Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook and his arch nemesis Evan Spiegel who created Snapchat, also tension between space racers Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk – not to mention many other dramas endured by the cold and frustrated tech millionaires & billionaires as they stumble around locked-down Dublin in desperate need of a pint…

This has definitely been one of my best experiences as a writer-director, but it was Kasia Wiśniewska who animated these characters and the cast who made it truly real. We all made this little movie in a totally voluntary capacity using incredibly limited resources, primarily to stop ourselves from going stir-crazy during the pandemic – and the entire feature is freely available for anybody to watch non-monetised on YouTube. Custom-made for the web, it’s a film that empowers us to test the boundaries of internet culture. We are effectively inviting everyone to participate in a giant social media science experiment.

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