PAUL MCCANN Announces “Alter Ego” Album, Out Feb 24


Irish songwriter and musician Paul McCann announces his Kool Kat Record debut

His first album since 2018 debut “Here Comes The Rapture”

“Alter Ego” is the brand new album (and Kool Kat label debut) from Irish songwriter and musician Paul McCann.  It’s the followup to his critically acclaimed 2018 debut “Here Comes the Rapture”. 

For this album, Paul took a very different approach to both the writing and the recording processes.  Lyrically, Paul chronicled his grief, following the sudden death of his father in late 2018.  The themes of the songs include love, reflection, confusion, anger and the whirlwind of emotions experienced by McCann during this time. 

Of the album’s creative process, he explains “Writing these songs acted as a type of therapy for me during a very difficult time. When you hear the album, you can hear a lot of different emotions and feelings seeping through. It is definitely the most personal and exposed my songwriting has ever been. Some of it wasn’t exactly easy to write or record, but certainly did help me come out the other side with some shred of sanity remaining.”

Where previously he had played most of the instrumentation himself, the recording process for “Alter Ego” is somewhat different and features guest appearances from several high-profile musicians including Jason Falkner (St. Vincent, Beck, Paul McCartney), Roger Joseph Manning Jr (Beck, Jellyfish, Air), Charlotte Hatherley (Ash, Bat for Lashes), Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley, Captain Beefheart), Sylvie Lewis and many others. 

Regarding these collaborations, he states “It really was a dream to work with a lot of these musicians.  I had shared my first album with a lot of them who I’d been listening to for many years.  The only positive thing that came out of COVID was that lockdown allowed me the opportunity to collaborate with them”. 

Also featured on the record are Paul’s close friends and regular collaborators Majella O’Reilly, Brendan Scott and Tony Smith, as well as his two daughters Lily and Cassie. 

“Power pop at its finest. Think George Harrison meets Tom Petty.  Wow.  Truly magnificent.” – Bayview Sounds 

“Complete with infectious rhythms, gleaming guitar hooks and observations on romance, ‘Lost In This Moment’ is another well rounded track from Paul.”  – Our Sound Music

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