WE ARE SCIENTISTS Release ‘Lobes,’ Video For Focus Track “Turn It Up” Out Today

Designed as the nighttime counterpart to the bright, sunny HuffyLobes pulses to neon-lit nocturnal rhythms and percolating analog synths. Lobes might be designed to be played under cover of the night but it’s as celebratory as it is moody thanks to the duo of Keith Murray and Chris Cain’s dedication to hooks and nervy guitar.” – AV Club

“’Settled Accounts’ finds the band once again hitting the dancefloor, delivering a track loaded with syncopated guitar lines, shimmering synth textures, and a vibrant hook on the chorus. The band’s penchant for driving dance punk guitars is on full display, but they couple their rock edges with glossy production and soaring synth-backed melodies, adding a sense of neon-soaked euphoria to their sound.” – Under The Radar

“Lobes is notable for building its songs specifically around keyboard lines and exploration of 1980s-style synth tones. Even so, the record isn’t a radical departure for them. Keith Murray’s vocal melodies are as catchy as ever, he’s just using synths more than he’s using guitars this time out. The absence of guitar fuzz gives Chris Cain’s bass playing the spotlight much of the time, and he’s got some really tasty riffs on these tracks.” – PopMatters

Keith Murray and Chris Cain are full-steam-ahead when it comes to being themselves lyrically and sonically. Their ability to transpose emotions for melody is memorable and second-to-none alongside how they mix raw garage rock recordings with glitzy electro pop stylings. Originality is key, and, as noted,
personality is forever on tap
.” – The Aquarian Weekly

“Like its predecessor, Lobes is self-produced and finds We Are Scientists in fine form, continuing to take risks yet not losing sight of what got them to this point in the first place; nor are they content to coast on the goodwill of those early albums. There’s plenty of creative juice in the tank yet.” – FLOOD

Release New Album Lobes
via Masterswan Recordings – out today!

Featuring Mighty Groove-Laden New Single/Video
Turn It UpAlbum Release Show Tonight at NYC’s Brooklyn Made

JANUARY 20, 2022 (NEW YORK, NY) — Iconic New York duo We Are Scientists have released their eagerly anticipated eighth studio album Lobesout now via Masterswan Recordings, listen here

The band have been steadily dropping teasers from the full-length LP for the past few months to a reception of unwavering critical acclaim, and now listeners are treated to the full Lobes experience. The record also features new track “Turn It Up – a mighty groove-laden number which showcases more of We Are Scientists’ astute funk-infused sensibilities. 

We Are Scientists – “Turn It Up”

“We’ve always been a band hell-bent on delivering a good time, but even by our high standards, ‘Turn It Up’ is almost ludicrously bent on maximizing pleasure.” Singer Keith Murray explains, whilst breaking down the new single… “A funky bass-line, a pumping dance beat, a synth part that puts a smirk on my face, even now — these aptly provide the musical bed for a song that espouses stripping the governor off of life’s throttle (I’ve been led by Hollywood to believe that’s a thing that speed-thirsty car enthusiasts do to their cars and also, by extension, lives). Sure, the verse lyrics temper the whole thing with just the slightest bit of wariness over the sustainability of an endless pursuit of overindulgence but come on: the song is only four minutes long. You can go ahead and be sensible while listening to everyone else’s music.”

1.) You guys are so handsome! It’s too much!
2.) There’s an excess of story — I can’t follow it because I’m so distracted by your disarming good looks!   – We Are Scientists fans

Photo credit: Dan Monick

With the song comes a new set of visuals which place the duo at their irreverent best, not taking themselves too seriously, but evidencing an output of seriously good music. On the music video, bassist Chris Cain elaborates, “Two complaints we’ve seen again and again with our video content are: 1.) ‘You guys are so handsome! It’s too much,’ and 2.) ‘There’s an excess of story — I can’t follow it because I’m so distracted by your disarming good looks!’ We took those notes to heart and produced a video in which we look like monsters, and events don’t connect to one another. While we were at it, we threw in some beautiful photography of our iconic hometown.”

“Turn It Up” joins previous teaser singles “Settled Accounts,” “Lucky Just To Be Here,” “Less From You” and “Operator Error” – all taken from Lobesthe band’s second self-produced outing. Already the record has received praise from NMEBBCRolling Stone UKClash MagazineUnder The Radar, FLOOD, PopMatters to name a few, earmarking it as one of the standout indie records of the year – and it’s only January!

Though the origins of the first Lobes songs began around the same time as their 2021 album Huffy, they exist in entirely different musical universes. Lobes sees the lovable and dynamic duo at their most playful and creatively free, continuing to expand upon the band’s feel-good indie rock sound by exploring more of their own input on production.   


Lobes Tracklist

1. “Operator Error
2. “Dispense With Sentiment”
3. “Human Resources”
4. “Lucky Just To Be Here
5. “Turn It Up
6. “Settled Accounts
7. “Here Goes”
8. “Parachute”
9. “Less From You
10. “Miracle of ’22”

Lobes by We Are Scientists out today (January 20, 2023) via Masterswan Recordings. The album is available to purchase from the band’s webstore, including on Limited Edition “Black Lobe in a Cathode Blue Bath” LP. Also found in the We Are Scientists webstore are limited edition Big Huff guitar pedals (selling out quickly), a brand new drinking cat pin, and a deck of Tarot Cards featuring Keith Murray’s drawings and a decadent box and layout by Texan designer Rebecca King.


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