UK Indie-Jazz’ OSCAR JEROME’s The Spoon – Out Now On Vinyl/CD

“Jerome’s guitar sounds like sunbeams, and he is a gifted songwriter with a folkie sensibility – soulful but understated, his voice never forced or overblown, and all the richer for it”- The Guardian

Introspective Sophomore Album 
The Spoon Today On Vinyl/CD

Reworks of “Berlin 1” and “Aya & Bartholomew” Out Now

DECEMBER 16, 2022 (London, UK) — Following its digital premiere earlier this fall, one of the UK’s leading Jazz musicians, OSCAR JEROME, has now released his sophomore album, The Spoon, physically, on vinyl and CD. The artist who The Line of Best Fit proclaims “radiates both charisma and an organized chaos, creating a distinctive and refreshing perspective on neo-soul and jazz fusion,” has been wowing European audiences for the last few years, building a formidable surge for his brand of “funky, intriguing and pleasingly off-kilter” stew of modern Jazz with pop and R&B elements. This new physical release follows various reworkings of album tracks “Berlin 1” and “Aya and Bartholomew” that Jerome unveiled in November. The Spoon can be ordered now on vinyl and CD here. This creatively expansive project encompasses twelve tracks, offering a refreshed creative approach as he paradoxically inhabits different personas to provide the most transparent version of himself to date. Called “the Jazz upstart you nee to hear now” by, Jerome wrote the album mid-pandemic when he found himself at crossroads in his life, alone in Berlin and using the time and space to reflect and eventually beginning work on The Spoon. Narratives of masculinity, melancholy and insecurities were explored in a run of releases including “Berlin 1” and “Channel Your Anger” in addition to an Orchestral version of lead single “Sweet Isolation” alongside Metropole Orkest.  

OSCAR JEROME “Berlin 1 (Rework)”
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: Alex Waespi

The Spoon takes an arc from emotional, sad boy to angry man looking out at this mess humans have created and then to a more light, open and accepting place of reflection on the beautiful parts of this existence. The main aim is to make you feel something,” says Jerome about the message behind The Spoon.

Coming to life over the past two years, Oscar went into hibernation to birth tracks between studios in Berlin and London. Also, two years since his highly-regarded debut album Breathe Deep, his latest project reflects his feelings about depression, capitalism and the ongoing injustices of the UK. Showcasing a new level of creative melancholy, “Sweet Isolation” and “Berlin 1” sees the introduction of parody characters “Jerry” and “Ice Guycicle” who combat the dark undertones with a humorous touch. A contrast of intimate and gentle moments can be heard throughout the album with blissful poetry remaining at the heart of the record.

The second half of the album commences with “Feet Down South” driven by his intricate jazz guitar chops and introspective lyricism about anxiety. Introspectively examining his role as a musician, “Feed The Pigs” and “Use It” reflect the journey of his inner emotions. Throughout the project, he worked closely with producer Beni Giles, creative director Malcolm Yaeng, and additional musicians Ayo Salawu (drums), Tom Driessler (bass) and Crispin Robinson (additional percussion).  


1. The Dark Slide
2. Sweet Isolation
3. Berlin 1
4. The Spoon
5. The Soup
6. Channel Your Anger
7. Feet Down South
8. Aya & Bartholomew
9. Feed The Pigs
10. Path To Someone
11. Hall of Mirrors feat. Léa Sen
12. Use It

Although some of the record was developed in Berlin, Oscar has settled in South London after leaving his birthplace, Norwich, 11 years ago. Oscar has become an anchor within the London Jazz scene at the hands of his virtuous sonic and live show since bursting onto the scene in 2016. His willingness to feels the complexity is highlighted on this album marking his personal and musical growth. With infinite potential to his artist, The Spoon cements his ever-evolving legacy.

You can order The Spoon by Oscar Jerome today on CD and vinyl here. In addition, reworks ofBerlin 1and Aya and Bartholomew are out now.

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