Notorious Punk Singer BLAG DAHLIA Debuts Ralph Champagne “Your Girlfriend” Video (Ft Nick Oliveri)

Notorious Punk Singer Blag Dahlia (the Dwarves) Debuts Ralph Champagne “Your Girlfriend” Video (Ft Nick Oliveri)

An Infectious Blend of Retro-Americana and Outlaw Country

Introducing Ralph Champagne LP Out Now

“Ralph Champagne, delivers a surprisingly authentic Americana set. From Rockabilly to Western to 60’s girl group to 70’s Southern California to Salsa to Country Noir, Dahlia (Champagne) moves from genre to genre like a drunk ballerina stuck on a tilt-a-whirl. Although his musical tone may have softened, his acerbic wit and punk attitude still prevail. This album gets a NSFW warning and is definitely not suited for those who are easily offended; which is another way of saying it’s wickedly entertaining.” – *The Alternate Root*

“Ralph Champagne will break your heart and take your girl…”- Spin

“This record is a masterpiece and is one of Blag’s best ever works.”- Punknews

“…in the pantheon of punk rock legends.” – Punknews

Watch The “Your Girlfriend” Video Here

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Check out the “Lolita Goodbye” Video and a Feature on Spin

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Legendary Dwarves frontman Blag Dahlia has released his new LP, ‘Introducing Ralph’ via Greedy Media/MVD Entertainment.

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Photo: Julia Lofstrand

Whereas the Dwarves have long been revered for in-your-face, defiantly non-PC punk rock and garage thrash, Ralph Champagne introduces an infectious brand of Retro-Americana and Outlaw Country style that you and your most embarrassing friends can celebrate even with everybody watching. Ralph Champagne embodies the lovably shady crooner, serving up catchy melodies and off color lyrics with a rakish smile and ad libs worthy of the late late show. Arguably, the best looking man in show business, he might also be physically attractive and wealthy beyond his wildest dreams.

Check out the brand new video “Your Girlfriend” featuring Nick Oliveri.

“Your Girlfriend” video (ft. Nick Oliveri):


“Introducing Ralph Champagne” Produced by Blag Friday & Andy Carpenter
Recorded and Mixed by Andy Carpenter
(c) and (p) 2022 Greedy Media (Administered Online by Orchard)
Written by Andy Carpenter & Blag Dahlia
Six Point Prime BMI Bigger Than Jesus ASCAP
Video by American Primitive
Photo by Julia Lofstrand

“Lolita Goodbye” video on

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Blag recently released his latest novel Highland Falls via Rare Bird Lit. The book tells the further adventures of Nina West, small-town trickster and teenage object of desire. Featuring sex, drugs, violence, more sex, ice cream, Denny’s, a funeral home, still more sex, and the only music awards show that won’t put you to sleep! Watch a teaser video here:

Order Blag Dhalia’s new novel Highland Falls (along with the vinyl audiobook) here:

About Ralph Champagne:
During the plague year of 2020, songwriter Dahlia and vocalist Champagne joined forces with pop producer Andy Carpenter and a cast of good-looking session players to create the Introducing Ralph Champagne LP. Running the gamut of styles from outlaw country and trucker ballads to sugary euro-pop duets, rockabilly, novelty songs, and Country Trap Remixes, the record stays fresh with repeated listening.

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While the DWARVES uncompromising vision of gut level rock & roll, dazzling production, and filthy lyrics have created a unique legacy spanning over four decades, RALPH CHAMPAGNE is the new libertine on the block, trading in Dahlia’s trademark punk growl for the sultry stylings of a soul-stained lounge lizard.

“A guy who knows how to rub some people the wrong way, some the right. A guy who doesn’t believe in musical comfort zones. A guy who is completely capable of stirring things up as well as silence an entire room. Someone who doesn’t run at the first sign of trouble. If there isn’t any trouble, the guy knows when and how to create it. Kids in punk bands, you could definitely learn a thing or two from Blag Dahlia.” – Vice

“Short of G.G. Allin, it would be hard to name a punk rock band that went further to establish a bad reputation than the Dwarves.” – All Music

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