2022-23 MLB Free Agent Tracker

With the Houston Astros winning the World Series, the off-season has officially begun. Players declared for free agency a few days back, which is the first of many transactions to happen. Here is the official timeline of the off-season:

  • Nov 6: Players can file for free agency, teams/players must decide on options and opt outs. Trade market opens
  • Nov 7-10: GM meetings
  • Nov 10: Free agent market opens; players can sign with any team. Deadline for options/opt outs. Deadline to offer qualifying offers.
  • Nov 14-17: Awards announced
    • 14th: Rookie of the Year
    • 15th: Manager of the Year
    • 16th: Cy Young Award
    • 17th: MVP
  • Nov 15: Deadline to set 40-man roster for Rule V Draft.
  • Nov 20: Players must decide on QOs.
  • Dec 4-7: Winter Meetings
    • Dec 7: Rule V Draft
  • Jan 13: Deadline to file numbers for arbitration; teams and players can still negotiate after this date.
  • Jan 15: International signing period begins; 2023 period ends 12/15/2023.
  • Feb 24: Spring training games begin.
  • Mar 8: World Baseball Classic begins.
  • Mar 30: Opening Day

Below is the free agent tracker; it’ll be updated often. I’ve listed the minor league free agents in yellow. Everything is sorted by former team at this point; eventually I’ll change it to new team, once we’ve gotten a significant amount of signings.

There are also tabs for trades, waivers, arbitration; I’ll add other transaction tabs once they happen.

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