WEIMAR Take On a Difficult Subject In ‘Heaven on High Street East’ From Debut Album ‘Dancing On A Volcano’

Manchester’s WEIMAR take on a difficult subject in ‘Heaven on High Street East’ from debut album ‘Dancing On A Volcano’

“Endearing… With their mixed bag of genres, well-digested set of influences and unique eclectic sound, Weimar is one of the most intriguing bands to come from England’s northern capital as of late” ~ The Spill Magazine

“Emphatic execution of highly observant songs informed by life’s surreal and unnerving experiences… Guitars jangle, jolt and drive emotion in equal measure” Louder Than War

“Awesome… a side order of alternative artifice, artistry and Avant Garde with your pop-rock” ~ Big Takeover Magazine

“An eclectic smorgasbord of elements weaved together in an un-assimilative refreshing feat of ingenuity”AnR Factory

“Perhaps the most important band to come out of Manchester since Magazine”Aural Delights

“Highly intriguing… riveting nostalgic air but equally an instant surge of fresh endeavour and tempting” ~ Ringmaster Review

Photo by Zac Gale

Manchester art-rock quartet Weimar present the single ‘Heaven on High Street East’ along with a new video driving home the lyrics. A lush prog indie-folk ballad, this is a Kitchen Sink Drama exploring abusive relationships in suburbia, and the vapid existence of the perpetrators of domestic abuse.

“This song also specifically explores the contrast between real life and the sanitized, sugar-coated and idealized version of reality depicted on social media, and how this is used to intensify the psychological torment and gaslighting prevalent in abusive relationships. From its lush beginnings to its intense finale, ‘Heaven On High Street East’ is a brutal exposition of the grim reality behind the net curtains of suburbia and the superficial facade presented by social media,” says Weimar frontman Aidan Cross.

This is the latest taster from the band’s debut album ‘Dancing On a Volcano’, out now via German Shepherd Records. Here are 12 tracks (three years in the making), which take the listener on an unpredictable excursion through the socio-political and personal challenges of our modern age.

Formed in 2016, Weimar is made up of vocalist-guitarist-songwriter Aidan Cross (The Bacillus, Black Light Mutants), bassist John Armstrong (The Speed Of Sound), drummer Anthony ‘Eddy’ Edwards (The Deceased) and guitarist Stephen Sarsen (Frank Is Dead, Playground).

Photo by Zac Gale

Recently, Weimar shared ‘Soho Rain’ featuring Leeds’ artist Finola, a single dedicated to London’s Soho district, and ‘I Smashed The Looking Glass’, exploring the interrelationship between an artist’s true self and their public persona. Cynical and sardonic, but also optimistic and hopeful, this song features label mate Loop-Aznavour of Adventures of Salvador on theremin. Earlier this year, Weimar also released the single ‘The Girls of LA’ /‘Transatlantic Confusion’.

Embracing a blend of post-punk, no wave, cabaret, psychedelia, alternative folk and gothic rock, this album was produced by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest of Vibratone Sound Studio. The cover art was created by acclaimed artist and writer Brian Gorman.

Louder Than War named Weimar amongst its 50 Bands To Watch for 2019, when they debuted the single ‘John Doe / Curse the Songs’, followed by ‘Marvel To The State / Undesirable Master’. Having worked with legendary producer Simon ‘Ding’ Archer, they’ve also played with Tom Hingley (Inspiral Carpets) and goth legends Skeletal Family.

The ‘Dancing On A Volcano’ LP is available everywhere via German Shepherd Records, including Spotify, Apple Music and Bandcamp. It was also released on CD and can be ordered directly from the artist.

Written by John Armstrong, Aidan Cross, Anthony Edwards, Stephen Sarsen, Johann Kloos
Produced, mixed & mastered by Adam Crossley and Chris Guest
Recorded at Vibratone Sound Studio, Manchester
Cover Art by Brian Gorman
John Armstrong – Bass
Aidan Cross – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Anthony ‘Eddy’ Edwards – Drums
Johann Kloos – Lead Guitar
Bob Dinn – Trumpet and flugelhorn (‘The Sociopath’)
Finola – Saxophone (‘Soho Rain’, ‘Polished Decay’, ‘Hunter’s Moon’)
Chris Guest – Keyboards (‘Soho Rain’, ‘Faded Queen Of The Night’)
Loop-Aznavour – Theremin (‘I Smashed The Looking Glass’)
Susan O’Shea – Keyboards (‘The Hangers-On’)

1. Prelude
2. Soho Rain
3. The Sociopath
4. I Smashed The Looking Glass
5. The Hangers-On
6. Arandora Star
7. Polished Decay
8. Hunter’s Moon
9. Faded Queen Of The Night
10. Nights In Spanish Harlem
11. Heaven On High Street East
12. The Tatterdemalions

Magazine, Pylon, Wall of Voodoo, The Divine Comedy, The Velvet Underground, The Sound, Joy Division, Soft Cell, Bauhaus, Momus

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