THE BLACK FEVER Release “All To Myself” Single

The Black Fever’s new single, “All To Myself,” is available to stream and download as of Friday, August 26th. 

“There’s just one thing I ask; you, all to myself.” 

Sometimes, it’s easier to write a song about someone you care about, rather than express those words directly.  Here’s hoping they get to hear this song, and realize that it’s about them.  Unrequited love set to music. 

Self-recorded and mixed over late 2021 and 2022, “All To Myself” is the band’s single from a forthcoming EP due out later this year. 

The Black Fever are a three-piece post-punk band based in Toronto, inspired by bands like Interpol, The Cure, and The Chameleons. Formed in 2009, we have released three albums and one EP.   

Thanks for taking the time to check out “All To Myself.” 

The Black Fever
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