Oceanside, CA’s SIC WAITING Release New Single “Life On Fire”

Oceanside, CA’s Sic Waiting announces new album ‘A Fine Hill To Die On’ out Nov 4; Premieres new single “Uncommon Veins”

For Fans Of: Rise Against, Strung Out, No Use For a Name

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“The band seamlessly meshes the melodic facets of groups like Face to Face, Ignite and Rise Against while injecting their own polished take on the genre.”- Dying Scene

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“Sharp tongued, pulse-pumping melodic punk rock.”- The Punk Site

Oceanside, CAs Sic Waiting have dropped “Life On Fire”– the next single off their upcoming album ‘A Fine Hill To Die On’ out on November 4th via Thousand Islands Records (USA/CAN) and Pee Records (AUS), with UK/EU distro by Lockjaw Records. It’s the follow-up to the band’s 2015 ‘Derailer’ release.

“Life on Fire” is a return to form for Sic Waiting. A galloping punk song that would be as at home in 1999 as it still is today. The tune is a fantastic representation of what we can expect from the Cameron Webb-produced (NOFX, Motorhead, Zebrahead) full length coming out in the fall.

Pre-order the album and stream the single here:

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Sic Waiting is a punk rock band from Oceanside, CA, formed in the year 2000 by Jared Stinson. Over the course of the decades they’ve released multiple albums and EP’s and are back with another strong full length called A Fine Hill to Die On. The title pays homage to the sound that defined melodic punk rock in the 90’s and is still what the band plays so well. A virtual revolving door of musicians over the years has seen Stinson keep the music alive, and now includes Jason York and Daniel Bubert, two equally established vets of the SoCal music scene. With aging, families, and real jobs, it’s not common to see Sic Waiting playing too many shows these days. But just when you think they’ve faded away, they tear back with their strongest effort to date.

For Fans Of: Rise Against, Strung Out, No Use For a Name

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Album Tracklist:
1- Uncommon Veins
2- American Hearts
3- Bad Times
4- Neon
5- One Fell Swoop
6- Good Things
7- Here’s To You
8- Life On Fire
9- Sociopsycholinguistic
10- Stayed Up Late
11- Fireworks
12- Back To The Sound  

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