LA Rapper $ATORI ZOOM Embraces The Chaos With HA!

“$atori Zoom introduces us to a sound that is original to them with phonk/drifting production. $atori has benefited from the genre’s growth after embracing the style years ago.” – ELEVATOR 

“Swirling samples and heart pounding vocals highlight $atori Zoom as he continues to be an artist quickly becoming unstoppable” – Ghettoblaster 

“We are looking forward to seeing what $atori Zoom has been cooking up.” – Lyrical Lemonade 


ATTICA! and “TYSON” Out Now 

More Music Releasing In 2023


SEPTEMBER 30, 2022 (LOS ANGELES, CA) —  Following the release of his bombastic full-length record ATTICA! earlier this year, as well as his frenetic music video for “TYSON,” LA rapper $ATORI ZOOM ($Z) is back again with even more new music; this time with “HA!,” produced by NORTMIRAGE. Z combines club and house beats, aggressive lyrics, bass-boosted 2010s-esque soundcloud tracks, and phonk (“Its roots are primarily based in Memphis with Three 6 Mafia. Artists and producers would grab samples from their work, fuse them with cowbells, and the rest would write itself,” explains $Z) and to create some of the catchiest, wildest rap out there. “HA! w/NORTMIRAGE” is a perfect distillation of his sound and fleshes it out even further with tempo changes and clean vocals.2022 has absolutely been the year that $Z established himself as a voice to pay attention to, earning coverage in The Source, Bong Mines Entertainment, The Hype Magazine, and Visual Alatelier 8

$atori Zoom x NORTMIRAGE - HA!

“‘I intentionally made ‘HA!’ as a way to appeal to both general audiences as well as my diehard supporters,” explains $Z. “This record dives deeper into the phonk genre beyond what I accomplished on ATTICA!. With phonk becoming more global/mainstream by the day, I felt it was necessary to not only stay relevant in its origins, but to help revolutionize it. There was a non-stop rush of inspiration that was palpable not only in the room, but my lyrics as well.”  


“I’m not afraid to experiment and go against the grain when it comes to each new track,” continues $Z, describing how he continues to stretch himself creatively. “I’ve shifted my energy toward creation and personal evolution as an artist and as a person. I used to rely on numbers, competition, and validation. Now I purely rely on what the next chapter in my story is and how it changes from the previous.”

His 2022 full length ATTICA! encapsulates the hypnotic allure of $Z’s core-shaking beats and unapologetic lyricism. In addition, ATTICA! features an intro from Memphis rap legend DJ Paul (Three 6 Mafia), reciting one of Muhammad Ali’s poems about the Attica prison riot.  


From behind the bandana swept carefully under his signature L.A. cap, $atori Zoom is shrouded in the mystery and intrigue that comes with an artist on a rapid rise. As you peel back the layers on the West Coast artist, it becomes apparent that you have unearthed a hidden gem treasured by his cult-like following. While this ethos serves as the foundation of his work, he hardly confines his imagination to a singular style. By approaching his art from a state of catharsis, his sound becomes as colorful as his daily range of emotions. While music began as a hobby for $atori Zoom in 2017, it escalated into his life’s calling in just a few short years.

“HA!” w/NORTIMAGE!”  is out now. $atori Zoom’s latest record ATTICA! can be found on all DSPs. More music from $atori Zoom will be announced in the near future.

$atori Zoom - TYSON [Official Music Video]


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