ELDER ISLAND Announces ‘Additions Attachments’ EP Out on October 28

Between their highly devoted approach to songwriting and their intuitive ability to hone in their sound, the record is a snapshot of a trio that’s perfectly in sync, working lock-in-step to craft something melodic, meaningful and masterful.” – American Songwriter

Bristol-based Electronic-pop Trio
Announces Additions Attachments EPOut on October 28
A collection of tracks saved from the “neverland” of old hard drives

First Single “Motive” Out TodayPerforming At CRSSD Festival (San Diego) September 25
DJ Set At Sound (Los Angeles) September 29

Sophomore Album Swimming Static + Remixed Edition Out Now

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SEPTEMBER 23, 2022 (Bristol, UK) — “As its name suggests, these are our additions and attachments from previous released work,” indie electronic trio ELDER ISLAND says in reference to the title of their shining new EP Additions Attachments, due to be released on October 28, 2022. “Leftovers… [these are] the tracks that we couldn’t finish for one reason or another but we deemed worthy to be warmed back up and made into something fresh. We had finally moved into a new studio, so it was great to get tracks out again after some time and view them with a new perspective. It’s a simple enough idea, and we didn’t want to sugar coat it.” This announcement arrives alongside the captivating new cut “Motive,” the first single taken from the upcoming EP.

The announcement of this EP also arrives on the heels of the band’s recent UK/EU festival run (The Secret Garden Party, Stella Polaris Festival, Stowaway Festival, and MS DOCKVILLE Festival) as well as upcoming performances: tonight (September 23) in the Dominican Republic at the Pineapple Ball and then their return to the U.S.’s West Coast CRSSEDFestival in San Diego on September 25 and a DJ Set At Sound in Los Angeles on September 29.

Single Artwork

The band says “Motive” is a track that evolved over time through a great many editions: “We started it in 2020 alongside a lot of the tracks on our last album, 2021’s Swimming Static [which was recorded in their home studio in 2020 and fit between the surreal dream-state of electronica and the storytelling-esque lyricisms of indie] but we struggled to find the right tone. The original was minimal and moody. We added a wordy, chord driven middle, and we tried it with 80s style live drums. Nothing seemed to satisfy so we shelved it.” They knew the song was a keeper though and wanted to give it the time it deserved. After some time away, ready for an overhaul, they took it into the studio with producer/engineer Ali Chant (PJ Harvey, Perfume Genius, Soccer Mommy). “New upbeat drums, prophet 5 thickener, ditched the middle eighth for an all-out instrumental solo. It had to be embraced! Elder Island’s first ever sax solo. Played by Luke [Thornton, bassist and beat maestro], originally on a Variophone (mid ’70s synthesized electronic wind instrument) but later re-recorded on an alto sax.” Once they had the finished productions, they handed them over to Barney Cox (Anne-Marie, Nicole Scherzinger, Tinie Tempah) and Blue Lab Beats (producer NK-OK and multi-instrumentalist Mr DM) for the final finesse in the mix.

Listen to “Motive” HERE:

Following 2019’s acclaimed debut album The Omnitone Collection and their critically hailed, independently released follow up Swimming Static, Additions Attachments features a collection of songs from the band’s “’neverland’ of old hard drives” and it sees the band meld genres and lyrical themes with effortless precision. 

Eclectic in theme, the EP contrasts songs like “Motive” that rebuke the current status quo with those like “We Are The Water” that evoke a naturally themed wistfulness.  “It’s a track where we took the simple theme of water and leant into it. Lots of phasers and layers with modulated white noise to simulate the sound of water.”    

Elder Island
Additions Attachments EP

1. “Motive
2. “We Are The Water”
3. “Additions Attachments”
4. “Blue Haze”
5. “Motive” Blue Lab Beats Remix

The EP title (taken from a line in the track “Additions Attachments”) was the catalyst for the EP’s conception, “It seemed like a fitting title. As a collection of tracks linked to other albums, the tracks became appendages of these other works, Additions Attachments. Nice and simple. Maybe one day we can revisit the idea: Additions Attachments 2 – Just tying up loose ends.”  

The Bristol electro-pop trio provides all of the elements of what you’d want to listen to heading out of the pandemic darkness and into summer: splendid vocals from singer and cellist Katy Sargent, groovy bass lines from Luke Maestro, polished synths from David Harvard and an incredibly danceable overall aesthetic. Fusing trip-hop and electro, “Sacred” feels true to its Bristol roots, while the thumping pulse and progressive buildup of “Small Plastic Heart” is a moment of sheer elation. This is music that’s just downright fun to listen to, and the limited but stellar back catalog is likewise solid gold.” – SF Chronicle

Elder Island’s sophomore record is even more reflective and atmospheric than any of their previous releases combined… What you get from this Bristol-based group is thoughtful, “digestible,” and danceable music. As much as you can simply love the chill, comprehensible folksy dance group, you can also look to them for introspective pondering and contemplation.” – The Aquarian

‘”Alluringly hypnotic vocals courtesy of lead singer Katy Sargent with a slow but sticky beat that builds to an ethereal climax. The booming synths and wide-open soundscape earns its place as one of the most solid dance-tracks in Elder Island’s discography.”- The Alternative on “Sacred”

Upbeat and underscored by a funk-led bassline, vocalist Katy Sargent’s reverb-laden vocals glide through a glistening dancefloor, shifting between gradually building synth keys, into full force electro-pop.” – Velvet Independant on “Purely Educational”

Feeling like the lovechild of Arctic Monkeys’ A.M. and Warpaint’s Head’s Up, the swanky pop sound plays a tug-o-war with dark and light.“- The Alternative on “Feral”

“[Swimming Static] seethes with boredom, thrill, fear and horror. It’s yet another entry into the setlist at the club at the end of the world. You’re going to love it.” Gigwise

Elder Island Create Genre Defiant Comfort Food For Your Ears On Stylish Electro-Tinged Beauty Swimming Static” – Rock and Roll Fables

The track, gushing with synths that bounce with the determination of an animal on the prowl, is destined for the radio and worldwide acclaim.” – Play Too Much on “Sacred”

“Their emotional and experimental take on music is hard-hitting” – One Great Song

Elder Island are vocalist and cellist Katy Sargent, bassist and beat maestro Luke Thornton and guitarist and synth master David Havard. Elder Island’s Additions Attachments will be released on October 28, 2022. New single “Motive” available on all DSPs today. 


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