This Week on Marvel Unlimited: 04/26/2021

8 new books this week, but a couple of #1s included. We also continue King in Black, the Avengers Phoenix, and a pre-X of Swords storyline.

New This Week (Published 01/20/2021)
Avengers #41
Black Cat #2
Cable #7
Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon #1
King In Black #3
Maestro: War and Pax #1
Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #7
X-Force #16

Notes: King in Black issues: KIB, Black Cat…Avengers continues Enter The Phoenix…Iron Fist: Heart of the Dragon is a mini series from Larry Hama…Maestro: War and Pax continues the origin series of the character…Aphra brings back Sana Starros…X-Force has Wolverine, Kid Omega, and Forge go into the sea for the underside of Krakoa…

Best of Last Week:
Avengers #38-39: This cleans up the Age of Khonshu arc and sets up the Phoenix arc. I love Jason Aaron’s work, but this is probably on the down side of what he’s written. There was a lot of potential in these arcs, but I’ve been a little underwhelmed.
Chris Claremont Anniversary Special #1: I stopped reading it, as the story jumped around a lot and didn’t make much sense. I might come back to it as some point, but it wasn’t keeping my attention.
Daredevil #24-25: Daredevil is tying up loose ends before he goes to prison for murder. While doing so, he comes to terms with what he means to Hell’s Kitchen. We also get Elektra showing up as the new Daredevil while Matt is in prison (but not as Matt, as Daredevil).
Marauders #17: A set up issue for the upcoming Hellfire Gala. It’s a good issue, but not up to the level of the issue prior to X of Swords.
S.W.O.R.D. #2: A King in Black tie in, as the SWORD team deals with the world being cut off by Knull’s symbiote. This is a fun issue, and doesn’t require reading of KIB to understand the story. I like the team and Brand is a great character.
The Union #2: With Britainnia dead, the team must go on to find symbiotes that hit mainland England. The team, which hasn’t really done anything as a team, struggles to pull together, but end up on top. The team decides to disband because Britainnia was the only thing tying them there. I don’t know how long I’ll go with this series, as it’s just not entertaining me very much.

Don’t forget, the Krakoa Mutant Tracker is (supposed to be, but not right now) updated weekly as new books come to Marvel Unlimited.

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