MCU Phase 4 Rumors: Mutants, Fantastic Four, Dr. Strange

It’s only been 2 weeks since the MCU rumor mill shut down after nothing predicted happened in WandaVision; this week, Reddit User U/AgathaHarkness_ shared some tweets from @MainMiddleMan, the same guy who told viewers to watch Ralph Bohner’s necklace weeks before it was reveals that it was the source of his “powers” and Agatha’s control over him.

Note: these are potential spoilers. If you don’t want to know, don’t go any further.

I liked the idea of Wanda being at Wundagore, but Sokovia makes sense because the MCU tends to stick to a lot of the elements they’ve already established. Plus, they don’t have to explain why Wundagore is important.

We all knew Agatha would be back.

I could see all three of the Mordo rumors coming true; he wasn’t a bad guy in the first Dr. Strange, but he wasn’t happy about the use of magic. Since Wanda was even more irresponsible with it, it would make sense. Plus, the Darkhold is a powerful book for a new magic user. I don’t know about the “henchman” part though; Mordo isn’t the type to be working for someone else. I could see it being more of a partnership where they plan to turn on each other.

The union of interdimensional villains would be cool, but would it be a bunch of different villains, or multiple versions of the same villain.

White Vision probably isn’t needed here; didn’t think about Armor Wars as the next sighting, but it makes sense.

OK – I total see mutants showing up before an X-Men movie is made; this allows bits and pieces of the mutant origin story told before going into the movie. Marvel’s most successful movies haven’t had origins in them.

It won’t happen, but it would be cool to see Apocalypse in a period scene, establishing that mutants have been around in secret for a while. They’ll probably do a post-credit scene to do it.

The Iron Man reveal would make sense if this happened closer to the time of the first Iron Man, but it’s been 15 years in movie time and we never heard about a mutant? I don’t think it would work.

The humans hating mutants after the snap would seem logical. The X-Men were created at an analog to racism; with people fearing anything different after the blip, Mutants being hated would be a logical storyline.

Yes – I love the idea of starting with the original 5 X-Men and expanding after that. Have a movie of them, then gradually expand; or have the second movie the “new” X-Men searching for the original 5 like Giant Sized #1.

I like the idea of starting with a different villain, since Doom has been done in every previous movie. I also think Ant-Man is a good debut for the characters.

Reed and Sue as up and coming scientists is a smart move. It allows them to be naturally introduced and to take over the next “generation” of science from Pym and Stark.

The MCU has been really good at pulling from itself rather than forcing new ideas because of the history of the characters; using the Quantum Realm instead of space makes a lot of sense.

A Doom series would be amazing.

Some great ideas here, but should we be surprised since Marvel Studios has done pretty well on everything they’ve created. I’ll keep posting these as I find them.

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